10 DreamWorks Facts You Would Have Never Heard

Dreamworks Facts

If you have watched Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon, you are already well familiar with DreamWorks Animation studio. It might even be your favorite studio. When it comes to animated movie master class, there is hardly any studio that surpasses DreamWorks. But do you think you know all about the studio? We are pretty sure that’s hardly the case. There are some fantastic and astonishing DreamWorks facts that you probably don’t know about at all. Below you have made a list of top 10 DreamWorks facts that are sure to blow your mind.

Top 10 DreamWorks Facts

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A list of the best DreamWorks facts is given below:

DreamWorks Animation originally started as DreamWorks SKG, where SKG represents the three founders of the studio, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. DreamWorks Animation was considered as an independent company in 2004. It was later acquired by NBC Universal in 2016.

Steven Spielberg brought forward the idea for the logo. A man fishing on the moon has now become an icon. But the man behind this iconic logo was none other than an icon of Hollywood himself, Steven Spielberg, who wanted an old-school artistic feel for the logo.

DreamWorks Animation wasn’t a top-class animation studio from the start. It started as a special effects house.

Shrek (2001) was the first breakthrough film for DreamWorks Animation studios. Before that, Disney was dominating the animation genre. Although movies released before Shrek like Antz and Road to El Dorado were a major hit, they were nowhere close to Disney’s blockbusters like A Bug’s Life and Mulan.

DreamWorks studios always aspire to make their animations as close to reality as possible. This is what makes them exceed other studios. For their mega-hit film, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, the animators were sent to flight school. This was done to make the flying scenes as realistic as possible. And the best part is, they even got diplomas afterward.

Shrek is considered one of the best DreamWorks Animation films of all time. It has some of the most well-written and somewhat relatable characters. The design of the human form of Princess Fiona was based on the voice actor, Cameron Diaz herself. In contrast, the Ogre form is based on an employee of DreamWorks Studios.

Madagascar is a light-hearted and fun movie and is also a fan-favorite. And King Julien is one of the funniest characters in Madagascar. However, it wasn’t always intended to give him a more significant role. Initially, King Julien only had a few dialogues with his share. However, the performance of the voice actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, impressed the writers so much that they rewrote the script to include King Julien and give him a much bigger role.

Like their animation strategy for HTTYD, animators had to take a 6-hour long kung-fu class to get an idea of the movie’s action.

For the movie ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’, real horses were used to record all audio, and at no point were any humans used to record any audio for horse characters.

For ‘Megamind’, a team of animators was hired to solely animate the heroes ‘ capes and the film’s villains.


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DreamWorks never fails to deliver some fantastic films each year. The DreamWorks facts which are for sure are: they provide top-notch animation films, and their films are always fun to watch. We compiled the top 10 DreamWorks facts and hoped they increased your knowledge about the studio.

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