4 Books About Dreams You Need to Read

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Dreams are a fascinating topic with books on the market about them, both fiction and non-fiction.

Some books explore the meaning of dreams while others delve into their history.  Still, other books focus on lucid dreaming – being aware that you’re dreaming in order to control what happens in your dream world. Many books also provide techniques for how to have more vivid, memorable dreams or even how to interpret specific types of dream images that show up again and again. This article covers some of the best books for understanding more about dreams and offers suggestions on where to get started reading if you want to learn more about this intriguing subject matter.

1. The Dream Book: A Wonderful Little Guide to the Meaning of Dreams by Tina Lauff


This is a small, easy-to-read dream dictionary that offers ideas for interpreting specific dream images and themes. It helps readers understand their own personal meaning of different types of dreams as well as the likely universal meaning of such dreams. The illustrations add a touch of whimsy and fun, which hearkens back to books like Where the Wild Things Are. This is a great book for adults and teens who want to know more about their personal dream meanings or symbols.

2. Dream On: Adventures in Dreaming and in Sleep, from the Journal of a Pioneer Dreamer by Max Simon Nordau

This short book is an entry in Nordau’s journal about his own dreams. It contains reflections on books he read and conversations with people – it’s more of a reflection than some actual dream interpretations. But it takes readers along on his journey as he struggles with difficulties like sleepwalking, nightmares and insomnia. There are some interesting insights into how he developed new interpretations of his own dreams that seem new or different compared with what books or other people were saying. People who read this book will get a glimpse into the mind of someone who was grappling with many of the same challenges they are having right now.

3. The Dreamer’s Dictionary: A Guided Tour Through the Strange and Wonderful World of Dreams by J.M. DeBord

The author is a dream interpreter who has also had many personal lucid dreams himself which he discusses in this book. It discusses some of the most common types of dreams, including nightmares, flying dreams, lucid dreaming, precognitive dreams, and more. It also discusses the significance of being in certain dreamlike environments, such as Hell. He includes many types of dreams that you may not find described in any other books on this topic which makes it a must-read for expanding your knowledge of what is possible when dreaming.

4. The Interpretation of Dreams (5th Ed) by Sigmund Freud

This book is considered one of the classics on dreams which has influenced many other books about dreams. It discusses how dreams are formed, how they relate to our waking life, and their symbolism. It also talks about how some people have sexual or aggressive feelings towards parents in their dream life which are later redirected to people in their waking life. Although it is an older book, Freud’s ideas about dreams are still very relevant today and influence how many books on dreams are written to this day.

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