4 Reason That Cause Of Vivid Dreaming And Tips To Stop It

Vivid dreaming is a type of dream where the dreamer like you and me becomes aware of what we are dreaming. And during vivid dreaming, we gain control over the characters in a dream or the narration of the dream. In simple words, vivid dreaming is a dream that felt so real because your consciousness is awake and only your body is in rest motion. 

You might never think of knowing about it. But every day we spend almost 2 hours dreaming during sleep. Many people don’t remember their dreams and only have a vague recollection of what happened during the dream. But when you wake up with clear memories of what you dreamt is what vivid dreaming is called. 

So if you are one of those with vivid dreams, then I’m here to tell you the causes of vivid dreams and some tips to stop vivid dreaming. 

Causes Of Vivid Dreaming

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There are two primary and main stages of sleep, one of which is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and another is Non-REM. However, dreaming can take place both ways. But REM dreaming cycles are longer and deeper, especially in the morning. Let’s proceed further and know what the factors that cause vivid dreaming are. 

Fragmented Sleep

Vivid dreaming generally occurs during REM sleep, and waking up during or after REM sleep increases the chances of vivid dreaming. So in the case of fragmented sleep, the chances are high that you encounter vivid dreaming.


Researchers have proved that individuals suffer from symptoms of stress and anxiety during the day. They are more likely to experience vivid dreaming, and they can dream of some upsetting content. These dreams because of stress may also affect their mental health with excessive anxiety and depression.


If an individual is on medications, the chances are that certain drugs can affect the vividness of dreams. For example, one study shows that SSRIs decrease how often patients remember their dreams. And chances increase of their vividness of dreams when individuals try to recall them. 

Also, not to forget that some medications can cause nightmares, such as beta-blockers and Parkinson’s disease. 

Sleep Disorder

Vivid dreaming is also caused by a sleep disorder that includes narcolepsy, characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness. People with narcolepsy frequently experience bizarre and vivid dreaming. 


During pregnancy, women go through both physical and hormonal changes. And pregnancy can cause sleep disturbance and insomnia. A research study found that pregnant ladies experience unpleasant vivid dreaming during the third trimester. 

Tips To Stop Vivid Dreaming

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There are two ways you can stop vivid dreaming if your dreams are unpleasant. 

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

The best and easiest way to sleep peacefully is to maintain a regular sleep schedule. And don’t forget to ensure your bedroom environment, which should be conducive to sleep.

Cultivate Peace Of Mind

Researchers and sleep experts say that people with peace of mind are more likely to have positive dreams with pleasing content. So make sure you sleep stress-free and avoid things that stress you. 


Vivid dreaming isn’t something you should be scared of when you see unpleasant content because what we see and feel while vivid dreaming is what is happening around us. To have a peaceful sleep, make sure all the elements that give stress are away from you. 

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