5 Types of Dreams You Need to Know About

types of dreams

Dreaming is one of the most mysterious things that humans do. Dreams can be incredibly vivid and realistic, or they can be bizarre and nonsensical. But what do they mean? Are they just a random jumble of images and sensations, or are they actually trying to tell us something?

There are many different types of dreams, and each has its own unique message. Here are five types of dreams that you need to know about: 1) Lucid Dreams; 2) Prophetic Dreams; 3) Symbolic Dreams; 4) Healing Dreams; 5) Traumatic Dreams.



Lucid dreams are dreams in which you become aware that you are, indeed, dreaming. During this type of dream, the dreamer is temporarily able to exert some degree of control over what happens in the dream. This can be exciting and immensely powerful—especially for people who love the fantasy genre. It’s also a popular subject of research for dream psychologists, who have found that lucid dreams can be incredibly vivid and realistic.



Prophetic dreams are vivid dreams with a premonitory element—that is, they predict the future. They often feel so real that people take them as warnings from a higher power. While they’re not scientifically verifiable, there have been a number of documented cases of people who were able to change their lives for the better based on a prophetic dream. For example, a man dreamed that he was in a plane crash and when he awoke from the dream, his fear of flying made him change his travel arrangements so that he never boarded a plane again.


Symbolic dreams are the types of dreams that we all have from time to time. They contain hidden or coded messages, such as seeing your crush in your dream and not recognizing him/her until you awake and realize who it is. These types of dreams might seem random, but they make more sense in hindsight. In general, they are a great way to process your thoughts and feelings about something that’s going on in your life—the same way you might write down your thoughts and then look back at them the following day to see if anything pops out at you.


Healing dreams are types of dreams that can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. They often seem to occur when you’re going through a particularly difficult time in your life, such as a breakup or the death of a loved one. These types of dreams allow you to process emotions without having to face them head-on, which can be beneficial in the wake of a long and difficult situation.


Traumatic dreams occur when you experience something so shocking or upsetting that it causes your body to react while you sleep, without you even realizing it’s happening. For example, if you were to watch a violent TV show before bed, your brain might process the images and cause you to have a traumatic dream. These types of dreams can be extremely vivid, which is why people often wake up feeling panicked or afraid.

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