6 Facts About Dreams You Need to Know


We all dream, but dreams are often dismissed as unimportant. Dreams are important for two reasons: dreams can help us understand our subconscious, and dreams can be useful in the real world. Let’s explore six facts about dreams that you need to know.

1) Sleep is critical for dreaming

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When we sleep, we go through a process called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). In this stage of sleep, our brain produces vivid dreams to make sense of what happened during the day. When people don’t get enough sleep or when they’re deprived of REM cycles by staying awake too long or using certain drugs like alcohol or marijuana then their dreams tend to be less intense and more mundane in content.

2) Dreams have been around for a long time

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Dreams may have first appeared during the beginning of the dinosaurs. The oldest dreams are probably dreams about being chased by predators or other people. These dreams are thought to have helped humans feel more secure in their environment, allowing them to sleep easier at night. Freud theorized dreams were a way to help the brain get rid of traumatic events from the day, preventing future dreams from becoming too disturbing. He also thought dreams helped us express our wishes and desires.

3) Dreams can be prophetic

Dreams are often predictions of what’s going to happen in the future. This is because dreams use our experiences and memories as dreams are happening which means dreams often reflect things that have happened or will happen. For example, dreams about falling are very common dreams. These dreams are often about losing control or being overwhelmed by obstacles in life. If you have dreams about falling while walking downstairs it’s possible that the dream is telling you that you feel unsafe or overwhelmed with something in your life right now.

4) You can control dreams

It may sound crazy, but dreams are like movies that exist only in your head. Our dreams allow us to play out scenarios without actually executing the events. This is a good thing because dreams allow us to think about things that may be out of our comfort zones or too scary without actually putting ourselves in danger.

5) Most dreams don’t make sense

Dreams are unique because dreams take the things we’ve experienced and mix them up with random thoughts. This is why dreams can be so bizarre, but it also means dreams can give us insight into our subconscious which holds many of our deepest secrets.

6) Dreams are important

Dreams help us understand our subconscious and they’re also useful in helping us understand other people’s actions. In dreams, we’re free from social restrictions. This means dreams can help us learn about other people’s subconscious motivations, dreams are important to everyone, not just artists!

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask any questions about this or other article suggestions. I’m always happy to help in any way that I can.

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