7 Fascinating Dream Facts

Dream facts

Nothing seems to be factual about dream interpretation. Why do they occur? Do they mean something? These are some of the most asked questions.

Instead of discussing dream meanings, lets for once discuss dream facts, as they can help us get a few answers.

The Facts

Duration of the Dream

You may feel that you dreamt the entire night, but in fact, humans dream 5-6 times a night for about 20 minutes. Dream facts state that if we combine the tenure of every dream we ever had, it will account for at least 6 years.

Remembering Dreams

According to scientists, an average human forgets 90% of its dreams, as soon as he wakes up. However, you can write them down instantely after waking up, as your brain can retain the dream for a maximum of 10 minutes. After that, it is lost and you may never be able to remember it again. As such, writing your dreams can help for psychoanalysis.

Blind People Dream as Well

Blind dreams

Concepts state that blind people experience more dreams. In fact, blind people use all their senses in their dreams. They do not use sight only.

Dreams Can be Controlled

In the non-REM stage of sleep, you can control your dreams. This is one way for psychologists to help cure depression and anxiety. In such a scenario, people are aware that it is not real and that they are dreaming. Once they are aware of this is, they can start controlling what they dream about.

Everyone Dreams

Many people think that they don’t dream at all but the truth is that they simply forget their dreams quickly. Except mentally unwell people, who cannot access their subconscious on their own, everyone dreams.

Dream Aren’t Necessarily Colorful

If you grew up watching black-and-white TV shows, you are most likely to have black-and-white dreams. This trend has gone down because of the introduction of color television shows and movies.

Dream Can Cause New Inventions

Graham Bel and Newton used to write down every dream they had as it helped them invent new things.

Dreams Can be a Useful Source to A New World

A Step into the new world

Dreams can be used to analyze various subjects and to bring answers. Indeed, if you can control your dreams, you can travel to different realms and find out some answers to your questions.

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