A Deep Insight Into This Dreadful Thing – Lucid Nightmare

lucid nightmare

A lucid nightmare is just a lucid dream, only it’s a lot darker and can be pretty terrifying. You will feel like you are very aware of the nightmare, and you feel almost trapped in it. Like a lucid dream, you are aware that what you are seeing is not accurate. You are well aware that you are dreaming. The only difference arises in the fact that there is no wonder you don’t prefer it to carry on or see how it plays out; you just want to wake up as if you never had that nightmare. Although you know it’s a dream, your state of mind just makes the nightmare more vivid, it will feel more accurate than any other ordinary nightmare. Some people can control their lucid dream, but generally, in a lucid nightmare, you cannot feel that power, and you can only watch and are aware but powerless. So, you can see how this lucid nightmare can be scarier than the usual bad dreams. 

Why Does Anyone Have A Lucid Nightmare 

Lucid Nightmare

Whenever we dream, it’s playtime for our unconscious mind. If you consider dreams as our minds sorting through our thoughts, it makes sense that sometimes fears or anxieties come into existence by our unconscious state. The lucid nightmare might be about things we don’t even realize we have taken stress or worried about, or even scared of. But, the coin has a positive side too. Sometimes, a lucid nightmare can be our bodies or minds trying to tell us something. Dreams act almost like health warnings in some cases. 

When Do We Have A Lucid Nightmare 

Lucid Nightmare

As with a lucid nightmare, it is more likely to pop up during those times when you particularly feel stressed. That’s why pregnant ladies can have more nightmares too. If you ever experienced trauma of any kind, you will also find yourself in a lucid nightmare; people with PTSD often find their sleep terrorized by horrific dreams with manifested memories of traumatic events. 

How Can You Avoid A Lucid Nightmare 

Most lucid dreamers experience dreams without any terror at all. Lucidity often proves helpful to fight night terrors, not induce them. But in some cases where we remain lucid in our nightmares, you will want to know how to avoid them because not many people enjoy a lucid nightmare. 

  • Have a good sleep routine: 

Having a consistent and good sleeping routine can help avoid a lucid nightmare. If it has become regular, the possibility is that you are not getting enough sleep or your sleep routine is irregular. 

  • Lucid dream to control a lucid nightmare:

If you can control your lucid dreams, it is just a tiny step to transferring that control to nightmares. It would just take some more practice and focus. 

  • Avoid Scary Stuff:

Things like negative messages, scary movies, and violent themes can all influence your dreams and nightmares. Try and avoid exposing yourself to these sorts of things, especially before bed. 


A lucid nightmare turns to worsen the situation if not paid attention. I hope this helpful information helps you get detailed knowledge about a lucid nightmare. Share your experience! 

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