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Freedom to choose your own dream meaning

Psychologists have different opinions when it comes to the meanings of dreams. While some think that dreams are nothing more than the result of random brain activity which occurs while asleep, Freud dreams can reveal a person’s deepest unconscious wishes and desires.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, wrote a famous book called The Interpretations of Dreams. In this book, he mentioned interpretations of many dreams symbols people dream of. Also, Freud introduced in it the theory of unconsciousness and explains the various dream meanings.

There are still a lot of elements in Freud’s theory of dreams that have not been tested. Later, Freud also admitted that the theory cannot be applicable for all types of dreams, as nightmares, for example, are symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some Popular Beliefs of Freud Dreams

Freud also developed a topographical model of the mind where he described the features of the mind structure and functions.

The Iceberg Example

The Iceberg example

Freud used the example of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind on the surface. According to his theory, consciousness has no direct connection with the subconscious mind and can be seen by the people around. This is the tip of the iceberg.

The preconscious consists of all the thoughts and memories which can be retrieved.

The third and the most important region is unconsciousness, responsible of the real cause of most of the behavior. This is the most important part of the mind.

The Dream Interpretation Technique

Freud had a great interest in dream interpretations techniques. He believed that the dreams are the products of our unconscious mind just like the neurotic symptoms. At the same time, he considered the dreams as the royal road to the knowledge of the unconscious.

For Freud, dreaming is an act of the subconscious mind which has its own explanations and meanings. He also wrote about the powerful role of the subconscious mind which can have a great effect on human life.

The Symbolic Meanings of Dreams

According to Freud, all the dreams elements are symbolic and have a camouflage meaning. The person himself only can decode this meaning with its own association. That’s why, instead of telling his patients about the meanings of their dreams, he asked them to describe whatever came in their mind associated.

The Method of Free Association

Associating dreams by writing it

With every element of dream following their own thoughts, he encouraged the patients to relate every detail of the dream, whether it is unpleasant or ridiculous. Freud called this the method of free association.

With this method of the free association, Freud came to the conclusion that all dreams have some message. This message has to be analyzed and decoded with the association of the person.

Freud dreams interpretation was fully used in psychoanalytic treatments. However, many psychologists believe they can ignore it and disagree with Freud theory of dreams. They justify it by the difficulty of handling the dreams, and also the shortening of the cure duration.

The interpretation of dreams written by Sigmund Freud was first published in November 1899. This book explain the meanings of the dreams and the study of the unconscious mind.  

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