All You Need To Know About Vivid Dreams Kaytranada

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Kaytranada is a Haitian-Canadian song producer and a DJ as well. He released a number of mixtapes, remixes, and some original tapes with which he rose to fame in the year 2010. By 2013, Kaytranada began gaining wider recognition and he signed with XL Recordings. He released his critically acclaimed album 99.9% in 2016 which made him a favorite among people. In 2019, he released Bubba for which he won two Grammys and became a household name. He is one of the best artists that we have and he is best known for his latest album. One of his top songs is Vivid Dreams and it is famous all over the world for its music and lyrics. This is all you need to know about Vivid Dreams Kaytranada and you must listen to Vivid Dreams Kaytranada if you haven’t done so as yet. 


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The song Vivid Dreams belongs to the critically acclaimed album 99.9%. It was his first album and it featured 15 different songs. The name of the album is based on his indecisiveness and dissatisfaction that is associated with his musical endeavours. All the tracks of the album are awesome and one must give them a listen if they haven’t done so. It became one of the top albums of the year and it gave worldwide recognition to the talent of this artist. In anticipation of the album, Kaytranada also launched a game related to it which increased the hype of the album. The album also won many records which made it a special album for Kaytra and it also paved a way for his future musical endeavours as well.


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The track Vivid Dreams featured River Tibet and became one of the top songs of the album. It was critically acclaimed and people loved the track a lot. Everyone praised the song and claimed that it is one of the best written songs of the album. This is one song that you must listen to and you can hear it on any online website of your choice. It is a great song that is loved  by people all over the world and appreciated a lot as well.


The lyrics of the song are awesome and they will give you an amazing feeling when you listen to them. Although the song is not that long it will still leave an impact on your mind. The song was written by Tom Paxton and Kevin Celestin and you will adore the lyrics of the song. 


This is all you need to know about Vivid Dreams Kaytranada and you must listen to this amazing song if you haven’t done so already. You will see that the video of the song is also great. It is available on many different online sources and you can go on one of those to listen to the song.

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