Amazing Facts About Dream Decoder

Everyone dreams. This is indeed a natural phenomenon created by our subconscious mind. Dream decoder is a process by which we can decode or assign meanings to dreams. In ancient times, people from many societies, especially from Egypt and Babylon, considered dreams as a supernatural communication. They thought that only people with special spiritual powers could interpret them.

Amazing Facts About Dream Decoder
Have a sweet dream

Nowadays, there are various institutes and schools of psychology and neurobiology that work as dream decoders, and that have come up with theories about the meanings and purpose of dreams. There are many ways to decode or interpret your dreams. You can reference them to some dream decoding books or dictionaries. You can also consult some renowned astrologers who are professional in this field.

Some Common Dreams Decoded

Amazing Facts About Dream Decoder
Dream of a horse

Many common dreams can be an indication of your subconscious mind that alerts you about the present situation and the upcoming events in your life. We listed for you some of the most common dreams.

Seeing an Airplane

Dreaming of an airplane is usually a sign that you want a break from your monotonous routine. Many dream decoder dictionaries and books also interpret that you may be more spiritual in the coming times.

Dream in which you are being chased

This can be an indication that you are running away from the problems and issues in your life instead of facing them. It may be a message from your brain to be a fighter and to not run away from your problems. It can also signify that you are avoiding something painful or fearful which emotionally hurts you.

Falling dreams

Amazing Facts About Dream Decoder
Falling in Dream

The dreams in which you see yourself falling usually indicate that you are losing power or losing control over some situation. It means that something is getting out of your hand, whether a relationship, a job, or it could simply symbolize a fear of failure. According to some dream decoders, it can be a sign that you are exhausted, that you reached your maximum capacity and feel that you have no support.

Dreaming of an Alligator

Dreaming of an alligator or any fearful animal indicates that you are in a dangerous situation. It may means that some unwanted and fearful event will surface in the coming future. An alligator may reflect the danger of losing your job or an adverse effect on your business.

Seeing a baby in dreams

This dream symbolizes new beginnings, new ideas or new and happy developments in your life. A baby can also mean starting a new project and discovering new potential in you. On a more negative aspect, this may refer to new responsibilities or new problems that need to take care of.

There are many dream decoders and they may vary as each has a different view towards a specific dream. Moreover, every dream decoder has different psychoanalysis for a particular dream, considering many factors and nature of dreams.  

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