Amazing Sleep and Dream Facts

sleep and dream facts

Meta Description: Do you ever wonder why dreams are so weird? Here are some interesting sleep and dream facts that will amaze you.

Humans cannot control their dreams or their sleep. These are both natural phenomenon that occur in our daily lives. Let us read about some amazing sleep and dream facts that are too good to be true.

Sleep and Dream Facts

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Sea otters always hold each other’s hands while sleeping because they want to prevent themselves from drifting away in their sleep. They always sleep on their back and cuddling to one another. If they do not find a hand to hold to, they wrap themselves around a seaweed for comfort and security.

An average human spends around 25 years sleeping in his lifetime. This is for those who generally sleep well and do not suffer from sleep issues.

Blind people have dreams of sound. They have different sleep patterns and their dreams have sounds, smells and even emotions. Sometimes, when blindness occurs at a later stage in life, the person can even get sight during sleep.

Those who showcase abnormal behavior during sleep are known as parasomnias. Such behavior includes sleep walking, driving a car or even eating,.

Around 15% people are sleepwalkers and it is a common myth that they should not be woken up during their sleep. But the fact is that there is no harm in waking up a sleep walker.

It is dangerous to be deprived of sleep. It is greater than food deprivation. A person can at the most, stay without sleep for 11 days. Improper sleep can lead to weight gain, hallucinations, reduced pain tolerance and weakened immune system.

Around 50% of the dream is easily forgotten in just 5 minutes of waking up.

It is best to sleep on your side when pregnant. It is the safest position for the mother and the child.

There are Lucid dreams in which a person can be awake in their dreams and they are also aware that they have been sleeping. They can sometimes even control what they are dreaming about.

Optimum sleep helps a person lose weight. It is as important as dieting and exercising.

Before the invention of color television, only 15% people could dream in color. Today, almost 75% dream in color.

The biggest reason for lack of sleep is technology and its addiction.

Exercising right before sleeping can prevent you from sleeping as it keeps your mind awake and alert.

Deaf people use sign language in their dreams while sleeping.

Hypnic jerks are experienced by many people commonly. It is a light state of sleep, in which the body is not paralyzed yet. It gives a sensation of a jolt to the body and forces the limbs to stay awake..

Some creatures such as dolphins and whales get half-sleep. Half of their brain sleeps, while the other half makes them keep on coming up for oxygen,

Sleep paralysis is a dangerous phenomenon where a person is conscious in sleep and yet unable to move. The condition is not dangerous.

These are some interesting sleep and dream facts you must know about.

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