An Ultimate Guide On Lucid Nightmare



A lucid nightmare is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. This awareness allows you to control the dream and often results in a very scary experience. Lucid nightmares are also known as lucid scary dreams and lucid frightening dreams. “Lucid Nightmare is a psychological horror game where you find yourself in the middle of a nightmare and need to dodge your way past evil entities and solve puzzles to wake up.” If you ever experience lucid nightmares regularly, you must learn how to control them rather than having them control you. You can then enjoy lucid dreaming while remaining safe from harm or injury. This guide contains information on lucid nightmares, what causes them, how to prevent them, and some tips on dealing with lucid scary dreams when they occur.

What Causes Lucid Nightmares:

Lucid nightmares usually occur in one of two ways: spontaneously or through lucid dream induction devices such as The NovaDreamer or REM Dreamer. Spontaneous lucid nightmares sometimes occur when you become aware that you are dreaming during a non-lucid nightmare so your subconscious mind begins to lucid dream to escape the horror. This often happens in nightmares where you are being chased or attacked by evil forces. Some lucid dreams occur when you wake up directly from a nightmare and continue turning the experience into a lucid dream once you realize that you were asleep.

Preventing Lucid Nightmares:

If you want to prevent lucid nightmares from occurring, your best bet is to learn how to lucid dream without using lucid dreaming masks or other devices. If you can regularly induce lucid dreams at will, you won’t have lucid nightmares because you will be able to enjoy them as they occur. Since lucid nightmares are often caused by lucid dream induction devices, avoiding these tools will also prevent them from happening without your control. The NovaDreamer and REM Dreamer uses sound frequencies and flashing lights to help induce lucid dreams but there are now apps that can do this for you instead.

Designing A Lucid Nightmare:

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Lucid dreaming doesn’t always involve making things turn out the way you want them to because lucid dreams tend to flow based on your subconscious desire for safety or fear of certain experiences. However, designing lucid nightmares is possible by imposing restrictions on the lucid dream landscape. By imposing restrictions, lucid dreamers can design lucid nightmares that look just how they want them to. For example, lucid nightmare designers can decide whether or not they have the ability to fly during lucid nightmares. They can also choose if their lucid nightmares will be set in a particular location or if time is suspended so lucid dreams feel like eternally repeating scenarios.


Lucid nightmares are useful because they allow lucid dreamers to experience intense imagery without becoming too emotionally involved. Lucid dreaming masks use sound frequencies and other stimuli that can lead lucid dreamers into some terrifying experiences while lucid app users usually direct their lucid dreams into pleasurable fantasies with little emotional involvement. People who experience lucid nightmares need to remain calm when controlling what is happening in lucid dreams and they can design lucid nightmares that look just how they want them to.

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