Apple Juice Vivid Dreams - What Is The Sync That You Are Missing Out On - Apple Juice Vivid Dreams - What Is The Sync That You Are Missing Out On -

Apple Juice Vivid Dreams – What Is The Sync That You Are Missing Out On

apple juice vivid dreams

As we know Apples are healthy and drinking apple juice has various health benefits like it improves your heart health, keeps you hydrated, etc. but it is also believed that Apple juice may affect your brain which may result in vivid dreams. These Apple Juice Vivid Dreams are the result of an increase in acetylcholine levels in the brain because of drinking apple juice, however, there is no solid proof for that.

Apple Juice Vivid Dreams – Vivid Dreaming

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Before discussing the Apple Juice Vivid Dreams, one needs to know what is vivid dreaming. According to research, 77 percent of people experience Vivid or Lucid dreams which occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleeping. A person who is dreaming is not aware that he is experiencing a dream in a normal dream but in a Vivid dream, the person experiencing the dream is aware of it and can change his dream experience. Some people find it exciting to have lucid or vivid dreams and feel refreshed after waking up the next morning. It is often believed by people that drinking Apple juice can make you have vivid dreams.

Facts behind Apple Juice Vivid Dreams

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Apple juice improves the antioxidant shields which help in improving the anxiety and restlessness of a person. Drinking Apple Juice can be beneficial to patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Apple juice can also help in developing memory as it prevents the decrease in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is a chemical that transmits messages to other cells. It is very crucial for memory and brain health. Because of this effect on the brain, Apple juice is often credited for having Apple Juice Vivid Dreams. You should drink Apple juice in the morning or before and after exercising. It is often advised not to drink apple Juice before sleeping as it can spike blood pressure which will make it harder to fall asleep. If you fall asleep you may have Apple Juice Vivid Dreams which is because of the effect that apple juice has on your brain.

Problems With The Theory Of Apple Juice Vivid Dreams

It is believed that this theory of Apple Juice Vivid Dreams comes from a study of 2006, conducted on mice, which showed that consuming a diet that is high in apple juice can boost the production of acetylcholine that is a neurotransmitter linked with memory. People believe that the study is flawed as it was conducted on a large group of mice that were fed nothing but a diet filled with Apple juice. So of course they will react to it. Secondly, the study had nothing to do with dreaming. This makes people uncertain about the theory of Apple Juice Vivid Dreams.


It is often believed that Apple Juice Vivid Dreams are the result of drinking apple juice but there is no evidence to prove that. This theory comes from the study conducted on mice. It is true that Apple juice has an effect on our brain but it affects our dreaming ability or not, still needs more research.

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