Are Underwater Dreams Real

underwater dreams

Are you the next person who has been trying to understand why your dreams are underwater? Are you wondering how they could learn to construct an underwater robot by home repair parts from Home Depot? If you do, you are about to find out what your dream has been about! Now that I am done telling you about my dream let’s get back to mine. My dream was actually about a little girl named Jessica. She was so magnificent and extraordinary. When she reached puberty, she could not stop everyone’s attention around her, including my father and mother. They would continuously wonder where she was going with all of the watch and wonder if she was having an affair. It got to the point where my mom had to tell me to stop calling because she didn’t want him to be so concerned over everything.

A Confusing Situation

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I tried to tell him that she was not having an affair. Instead, she said to me that she had fallen in love with someone else. I thought this was a very confusing situation, which caused a lot of trouble for my parents. I guess I still had no idea that my dreams were causing all of this trouble. It just seemed like something that I was dreaming about and nothing more. I was wondering how they knew that my dreams were real. Then one day, I had a dream about the man who would become my husband. I guess I didn’t think that the dream of his love was real at first. I wasn’t sure because I didn’t know what I was dreaming about.


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My goals were always about how I was feeling about my life and my future. I knew right there and then that I was dreaming about what my dream had been. I could not help but ask myself if I was dreaming about my husband or if I was dreaming about something else entirely. I soon found out that I was dreaming about a man who was much older than me. He was not my husband, but I could not stop thinking about him. It seemed like he was always close to me, and whenever I was lying on the beach or the couch watching television or listening to the radio, I would imagine him there with me. I now realized that I could have just as quickly been dreaming about a man I already knew. I only didn’t even realize it then, that there was a chance that I might know who he was until I discovered my dream! I was thrilled to find out that it was true. It was a dream about the same man that I met when I was in college.

How Did I Know Him?

He was not my husband yet, but I did know him because of what I had learned about him at school. He was my best friend in college. He was someone I considered to be a great teacher. We had so much fun together, and I was so proud of his success in life. I could tell that my dream was about him because I could feel him around me. I had to look hard to see where he was, but I knew that he was close. And this is where my experience began to change. When I woke up and looked at my dream, I could tell that it was a dream about him and not just some other man I already knew. That’s when I realized that I could see in my dream that this man was real.

Summing Up

After that dream, I couldn’t believe that it was all true. I had always known my vision and had always pictured it in my mind. I could not believe that it was my dream because it sounded like something that I would have dreamed of if I were a girl, and he was a boy. But I knew that it was my dream. It had to be because I saw it in my imagination every time I looked around me and saw myself in my dream.

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