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Babies are little bundles of joy, cuteness, and mystery. Yes, neuroscientifically or psychologically speaking, there are still unknown areas about babies. For example, why don’t we remember being babies? How do babies react and feel the world surrounding them? All of these are unknown but there is another question that’s been asked forever: does a baby dream?

Dreams of babies have been a point of interest to the scientist community. It is known that humans dream during the REM stage of a dream. Adults, generally, spend twenty percent of their dream time in the REM stage. In contrast, babies spend half of their sleep time in the REM stage. However, we cannot know what they dream about. What could we do about it?

Newborn Sleeping Bag Knitted Swaddle

Newborn Sleeping Bag Knitted Swaddle

We could arrange to give them enough comfort to protect and nurture their dream. There is one product in the market doing just that. Newborn Sleeping Bag Knitted Swaddle from Life Changing Products is an innovative, comfortable and stylish product to ensure the good sleep of your baby.

This sleeping bag keeps the baby comfortable and cozy the entire night. This product is safe and will not cause any skin irritation. It is made from acrylic fiber and fabric polar fleece is used for the inside. The materials are of very high quality that not only ensures comfort but also durability of the product.


Baby sleeping peacefully
  1. This product protects your baby and their dreams, particularly when they are newborn.
  2. It comes in four different designs and is suitable for newborns up to 18 months.
  3. This is a baby sleeping bag with comfortable fabrics to keep your baby warm even in the winter.
  4. It has zippers that enable opening and closing. You can use it not only as a sleeping bag but also as a swaddle, crib wrap or as a quilt for your stroller.
  5. The quality material and artistic finish have made it the most comfortable product for baby dream available in the market today.
  6. With its size of only 26 inches to 16 inches, it is very easy to carry the bag.
  7. This sleeping bag is very light, weighing only 0.43 kg.

If you want the absolute best for your baby, just bring home this Newborn Sleeping Bag Knitted Swaddle.

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