Can You Read in Dreams – Learn How to Convert PDF Documents Into Secret lucid Dreaming Slots

can you read in dreams

Can you read in your dreams? This is a question that many people have asked themselves and found the answer surprisingly. It’s not surprising though when you consider that we only get about thirty minutes per day of real waking sleep. The average person only gets about eight to ten hours. So if you could learn how to read your dreams, then you would naturally be getting more than enough of the time. But there are other factors too that can confuse and even deter someone from learning how to read their dreams.

An Overview

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The reason that some people cannot seem to answer the question can you read in dreams, is because they are trying to work in translation from the dream words down into their regular everyday language. The scientific explanation is that our brains really don’t receive direct messages. We receive them in tiny bits and pieces like hearing voices in our heads or feeling sight. We also receive some of our thoughts though dreams that help us with making decisions. Even so, many experts believe that our brains just do not receive very much in the way of literal messages in our dreams from the start.

If you have ever wondered if the person you are reading from their dream can understand what you are saying, then you might want to consider studying a language other than English. Some words, depending on where they are spoken, have meanings that are entirely different from ours. Many words have double meanings and even the meanings of single words can change depending on which country the dream originated. For instance, while some American words mean “you,” other words can mean “your” and “I.”

Reading Your Dreams

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To illustrate the point, think about all the words you use in daily life with “you” as the subject. You meet someone and say “You’re so smart.” This person then responds with “I know you, I’ve been studying your speech patterns.” This is a conversation that took place in your subconscious without your knowledge. The same thing happens when you dream about someone; however, instead of the subject being you the dreamer, it becomes somebody else.

The most common question about the answer to Can you read in dreams is why the publication language is used. The reason is that it is easier for the unconscious mind to translate the messages in our dreams into a language we can understand. It is more convenient to use the printed word in order to keep our dreams up-to-date. In fact, most people who have a difficult time sleeping or staying awake are able to understand the gist of their dreams if they have read the same book numerous times.

Before I tell you the answer, I should mention that it is not proven that all dreams contain this secret message. Even though it seems likely, it must be proven to be true. In fact, Dr. John Coleman found some instances of his patients who claimed that they had read the same words in their dreams, yet were totally unconnected to any reality. Another factor that complicates the issue is the existence of unconscious repetitions. If we are to believe Coleman, repetitions in one dream could mean repetitions in all the dreams we have. So he believed that if we notice repeated words in different dreams, we can get an idea of the person having a similar life.

The secret I’m about to reveal to you has nothing to do with christs or can you read in dreams, it has everything to do with lucid dreaming. There are three stages in lucid dreaming: micro-luminal, trans-luminal and alpha. Micro-luminal dreaming is where you are conscious and aware that you are dreaming. You can also move and look around, although there will be no additional colors, sounds or smells.

Bottom Line

Trans-luminal dreaming is the next stage and this is where you are no longer aware that you are dreaming. Here you are telekinetic and can move in very complicated manners and do things you normally wouldn’t even dream of. It’s also common to pass through different states of consciousness while you are in this state. Alpha dreaming is the final state and this is where you are able to control every movement you make and can access every memory you have. I’m going to give you the most effective method for lucid dreaming so that you can discover the secrets of this amazing sport.

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