Dealing With Your Dreams About Water Slides

dreams about water slides

Have you ever had dreams about water slides? Or had dreams about running out of air in a pool? If so, you are not alone.

Water slides are a very common and popular subject when it comes to children’s dreams. I remember my dreams about water slides as a child. I ran out of air in a pool and had to hold my head up and shout for help. It was quite an experience. It also made me realize that I enjoyed running outside in the woods (and possibly on cliff edges) every chance I got!

Dreams About Water Slides

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Many dreams about water slides have a common theme: rescue. In these dreams, a person has fallen into deep, dark water with no current. It is impossible to see the bottom. There is only darkness. The person is simply trapped. Help is desperately needed – even though the person cannot swim, he/she cannot fall in the water without losing consciousness.

Other common themes in dreams about water slides include running out of air in shallow water. This can be scary because it can feel like the person is drowning. This nightmare usually lasts only for a few seconds or minutes, but it is worth remembering because it can help motivate you to learn to swim when you go back down those slides later. I am sure that everyone who runs out of air in a pool or lake at some point has thought about how one could possibly survive in such shallow water.

What Does It Mean?

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If you have dreams about water slides, your unconscious mind is probably telling you to ignore your fear and trust yourself. Your subconscious knows that if you fall into deep water, you will have time to get out while others do not. You may try to resist the urge to come back down the slide, but eventually, you will have to submit to your subconscious and give it a chance to work. Once you learn how to overcome the fear, you will be able to enjoy your slides over again without any fear or hesitation. If you are afraid that you will fall into deep water and can’t stay on, just remember that swimming is a lot less difficult than scuba diving when compared to falling in shallow water.

When you have dreams about water slides, and you have no recollection of them later, that is probably not a dream about water slides at all. The most likely scenario for your recurring dreams about water slides is a nightmare that is vivid and detailed enough that your conscious mind still believes it to be real. In these types of dreams, the slide is often very real, and you can actually use it while you are awake, as well. For example, when you have a vision of sliding down a large wooden staircase in a dimly lit room, you are probably dreaming about staying up those long stairs. Dreaming about something in the past is a great way to remember to keep your dreams about water slides consistent.

Things To Know

When you have dreams about water slides, and you have no recollection of having them during your waking hours, there is a good chance that your subconscious is holding onto that memory and making you visualize the slide as vividly as possible. The reason that memories of things in the past become embedded in your subconscious is that the brain uses the brain’s memory recall system to make sure that repetitive items are never forgotten. For example, if you went on a long trip with your family and you took lots of pictures, those pictures would be stored in your brain’s memory recall system, even when you weren’t taking a picture. Over time, your subconscious created those memories and started making you visualize them in an unconscious fashion. This is why dreams about water slides are so common for people who have had traumatic experiences in their past.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to recognize your dreams about water slides, you can take the necessary steps to deal with them properly. Remember that you need to distract yourself from the water slide if you have dreams about falling or getting electrocuted. Also, if you are in a room with a water slide and you have a traumatic memory associated with it, you need to immediately remove yourself from the area and try to relax, even if that just means taking a few deep breaths.

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