The Best Definite Dream Translation

Dream translation is a common phenomenon which happens with every human being and is hard to understand what our subconscious mind wants to communicate.

The Best Definite Dream Translation
Is this a dream?

Dream translation enables you to discover things about yourself. For example, you can discover what your brain wants to tell you, what are your desires or your worst fears. There are now many books and dream translation guides that can help you find the meaning of your dreams. By pulling out certain symbols from the dream, you can interpret its meaning.

Dreams can be classified into categories, like for example nightmares, psychic dreams or even daydreaming. Every kind of dreams has a different dream translation.  

Some Common Dream Translation

The Best Definite Dream Translation
A happy dream

Psychic dreams

Some dreams are intuitive and are called psychic dreams. These dreams are very powerful and they indicate some events that may happen in the near future. They can predict both good and bad events.

Every person who experiences a psychic dream will want to get a dream translation that will explain exactly what is its meaning or what indication it is giving.


According to some psychologists we spend half of our mental activity on daydreams. They help us to realize what are our goals and innermost hopes, desires, and fears. Indeed, one of the major goals of daydreaming is to inform you about your definite goals and functions in life.

The Best Definite Dream Translation
A good dream

Nightmare dreams

A nightmare is a kind of dream that results in a feeling of fear, terror and strong anxiety. The nightmares and their symbols can sometimes convey a message from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. People that experience chronic and intense nightmares over a prolonged period of time can lead them to great distress and that may affect their social life.

Many people see water in their dreams and this symbol can have many meanings according to different psychoanalysis. The dream translation of water depends upon your link with it in your day to day life. For example, a large amount of water or a sea in your dream can mean that you are deeply connected or emotionally attached to something happening in your life.

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