Disney Cruise Line: Disney Dream Ship Facts You Need To Know

disney dream ship facts

If you are looking for Disney Dream Ship facts, then you will definitely want to read this article. Specifically, we’ll discuss the various ships available, as well as the history and character of the Disney Cruise Line. After reading this article, you should be familiar with all of the information concerning this cruise line.

Disney Cruise Line operates two cruise ships: Disney Dream and the Disney Dream Van. Disney Dream is an all-encompassing cruise ship that includes accommodations, dining, recreational activities, excursions, shops, and gaming. Her current deck number is 1, 116 feet long. Disney Dream features a dining room that seats 725 guests. The ship also features a spa, wet bar, and more. Disney Cruise Line’s most popular attraction is the Fantasy Underwater Park, which features three themed areas -underwater ocean playground, sea life aquarium, fish pond, lazy river, and much more.

Disney Dream is the third of Disney’s four sister ships. She was commissioned in November 1983 and is owned by the Disney Company. At the time of her maiden voyage, she was supposed to have three decks and a capacity of 4,000 passengers. She was never certified to carry more than that, and as such never carried more than 1,114 passengers.

Disney Dream Ship Facts

When the Disney Dream Van was released in May 2021, it contained a new addition to the Disney Cruise line – the Disney Dream Yacht Club. The club offered members access to all of the on-board activities, as well as exclusive access to port activities. Since the Disney Dream Yacht Club’s inception, the number of memberships purchased by Dream Yacht Club members has risen dramatically.

A Disney Dream Yacht Club vacation begins with a boat tour through the Disney Dream Island Water coaster, where they will meet at the dock and be taken to meet the Disney Dream Cruise ships. This tour departs from Port Antonio, on the San Diego side of the island. On each boat trip, a different Disney Cruise Lines ship will take guests to their respective ports, allowing them to travel to all four Disney parks. The ships also stop at a special dock at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Adventure, where they can spend the night.

A Much Ado

A large ship in a body of water

After taking a tour at Disney’s Downtown Disney Area port, the travelers then board the Disney Dream Yacht Club ship for their second voyage. While there, they will travel to the Caribbean, where they can explore all of the attractions at the seven-mile-long Caribbean sub-marine called the Discovery Channel. At the end of the day, the ships return to port, where the guest will find themselves in the starlit skies again. From here, the vacationers can continue their trip to the final destination, depending on the Disney Dream Line vacation package they choose.

The Disney Dream Ship Facts shared above about Disney cruises will help visitors see why so many people are able to keep coming back to Disney theme parks year after year. While it is true that the parks themselves can get extremely busy at times, the attendance of Disney guests remains strong year after year. In fact, after a long string of bad weather during the winter, there was actually a 20% increase in Disney park attendance over the same January last year. Many speculate that the warm weather may have something to do with this.

Bottom Line

Disney’s premier cruise line offers incredible amenities, fun activities, and dining options for its guests. Each Disney Cruise Line ship boasts staterooms that have stunning views of the ocean, along with a plethora of perks and special features. One of the best parts of taking a Disney cruise is that you don’t have to worry about packing a lot of clothes because the staterooms are just like a large hotel room, except that you’re cruising the Disney Dream Ship. There are over 200 individual staterooms, making this the most spacious of all the Disney Cruise Lines.

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