Dream Catcher Facts – All The Fascinating Reasons To Have A Dream Catcher

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Coming from the side of Native Americans, dream catchers have now become one of the most fascinating traditions followed all around the globe. Youngsters have specifically started showing interest in dream catchers. The traditional dream catcher was supposed to protect the sleeping individuals from intense and negative dreams and enhance positive dreams. It is expected that the negative dreams are caught in the web-like structure of the dream catcher and expire when the sun rays struck them.

The Culture

While most people are fascinated by the idea of dream catchers, they do not have an understanding of where it comes from. It belongs to the Native American culture and specifically relates to the tradition of hope. Some Native Americans present in North America hold the hoop has one of the highest esteems as it symbolizes strength and unity. They used to have several symbols around hope while one of those symbols is the dream catcher. 


The dream catchers consist of feathers, twigs, and sinew woven initially unlike the new versions of dream catchers, these are usually done by grandfather and grandmother were the newborn children. It is supposed to help newborn children sleep well. Good dreams become easier and the infants will see a way to give you a better sleep. The slightest movement of the feathers is expected to indicate the passage of another beautiful dream. It is believed that bad dreams are confusing and confusing which means they cannot find their way through the web and get trapped until the sun rises and eliminate them completely.

Original Version

As hinted above, the recent version of dream catchers are not exactly the type that Native Americans use to do. They belong to one of the prominent art and craft ideas of Native American people. They have read below and tricks from other trees of the willow family and they are gathered fresh and dried in a circle that is spiral-shaped depending on the intended usage. They started using natural feathers and semi precious gemstones which will connect the web indicating that there is only one creator in the web of life.

The Vision

The story of a Lakota spiritual leader having a vision is closely associated with the dream catcher’s presence. Long ago the story has said that the Lakota spiritual leader present high mountain had a vision in which the great trickster Iktomi and the searcher of wisdom appeared in the form of a spider while the trickster spoke to him in a sacred language. Iktomi is the spider here as he picked up the will hope of the elders with feathers and waves of a ring on it and began to spin a web. As he spoke to the elders about the life and death cycle and how it begins as an infant developing into childhood and an adult and going into old age completing the cycle. The spider stated that there is a force in every spin of the web and it can be good and bad and the human has to listen to the good forces to be going in the right direction while when they listen to bad forces they can hurt you. He seems to have given the elder the hoop saying that the web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center that will help people reach their goals, dreams, and visions.


Eventually, The Dream Catcher is all about helping people reach their dreams and goals and a Ray of hope.

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