Dream Dictionary: Meanings of Your Dreams

Some people wonder if it is possible to predict the future or internal desires by interpreting dreams with a dream dictionary. Some of the modern theories claim that it is not possible, but many interpreters and analysts have published a whole lot of dream dictionaries.

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon linked to the human subconscious mind. However, sometimes, you may wonder if dreams have a deeper meaning. Indeed, we may wonder if our brain or subconscious mind wants to communicate us something regarding our life and problems.  

Dream Dictionary: Meanings of Your Dreams
A Girl Wondering What Her Dream Means

The answer to these questions is yes. Indeed, dreams do have some hidden meanings or indications that need interpretations. There are many astrologers, tarot card readers, and psychoanalyst that can analyze and interpret your dreams. Analyzing dreams and their symbols have become a popular source of self-reflection.

Do Dream Dictionary Have a True Meaning?

Dream dictionaries are like actual dictionaries with different sections related to a different category of dreams like:

Dream Dictionary: Meanings of Your Dreams

Daydreaming – This is one of the most common things we do and one of the most private. According to some psychologists, we spend half of our mental activity on daydreams. They help us to realize our goals and innermost hopes, desires, and fears. One of the primary purposes of daydreaming is to tell you what should be on your priority list.

Nightmare Dreams – A nightmare is a kind of dream that results in a feeling of fear, terror, and strong anxiety. The nightmares and the symbols in them can sometimes be a message from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.

Psychic Dreams – Some of the dreams are intuitive dreams which are also called psychic dreams. These dreams are very powerful dreams which indicate events that may happen in the near future. These dreams can tell both good or bad events.

Dreams Can be Interpreted

Dream Dictionary: Meanings of Your Dreams
A Joyful Dream

The dream dictionary analyzes and interprets the signs, which may help you to understand and come to some conclusions about what the dream indicates. Dream dictionary gives you more than 10,000 dream interpretations. Thousands of dream analyzers and interpreters constantly work on various types of dreams and their meanings.

The dream dictionary is very easy to use. If you want to find the meaning of any sign or something related to a particular situation, the dream dictionary will explain the meaning of that sign. For example, if you dream of seeing an airplane or traveling in an airplane, then, according to the dream dictionary, it means the following:

  1. It can be a symbol of freedom from any adverse condition, bad relationship or from some trouble.
  2. It can mean search for higher consciousness and travel into higher realms.  

Dream dictionary contains several numbers of meanings and interpretations related to different types of dreams.  

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