Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts

Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts

A dream is an experience of probably all humans. You can describe it as consciousness during sleep. In other words, they are the stories that come to our minds while we sleep. The scientists and psychiatrists are still unable to explain dream means what. These stories can be fun, irritating, terrifying, entertaining.  

Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts
Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts

Forget Your Thoughts Often

You have probably noticed that you forget the thoughts shortly after waking. You are not alone who experienced it.  About 90% of people cannot remember their dreams clearly.

The doctors say that the brain does not store the information in memory during sleep.

Everybody Knows Dream Means What

From babies to adults, everybody has vision for about two hours daily. People have many dreams per night, but they don’t remember. Each dream lasts from five to twenty minutes. This phenomenon concludes that one dreams about six years in his entire lifetime.

 Dreams Of Men And Women Are Different

Men and women usually visualize of different issues. The substance of their dreams is often not the same. Men’s dreams are generally aggressive and involved in physical activity. On the contrary, females’ dreams have more conversations. They contain rejection mostly.

The duration of women’s vision is more than that of men.

All People Don’t Have Colors In Their Dreams

Though most people think of color, a small fraction of them has black and white dreams. Interestingly, if people who have just awakened from a dream, are instructed to select the color that represents their dreams, most of them choose soft and neutral pastel shades.

You Can Control It

A lucid vision is a combination of consciousness and sleep. The sleep during which we dream is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. A lucid dream is a state when you are conscious of dreaming, though you are asleep. You can control the lucid dream since you are not asleep completely.

Animals Probably Experience Dream Means What

There is no concrete proof of the fact that the animals do dream too. But the scientists say that they are likely to dream.

Researchers say that when dogs wag their tails, or any legs movement is there while sleeping, they might be dreaming.

Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts
Dream Means What: 9 Important Facts

Blind People Also Dream

The scientists found that those people who are blind since birth also have visual imagery while dreaming. They noticed the eye movement of the blind people, which is similar to the sighted persons. The only difference is the number of eye movements is fewer than the person with vision. All the remaining characteristics are the same.

Many Dreams Are Common

Our personal experiences have a substantial impact on our vision. But, interestingly, topic-wise, many dreams are often similar across religion, culture, and lifestyle.  People across the globe regularly visualize of being attacked as well as chased and also not being able to move or speak.

Makes Memories Stronger

Dreams help to learn and also develop sharp memories. They support us in making our memories stronger.

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