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Dream Myths And Facts- All You Need To Know

dream myths and facts

What exactly comes to your mind when you see a dream and wake up? Most people ignore their dreams, but it is better to study and analyze them. But there are a lot of people who believe in myths about dreams. But here we are present to discuss the dream myths and facts and everything you need to know about it. Every time The lights are blown out and you watch your dream, you will know the meaning of each of them.

Dreams Do Not Come Every Night-Dream Myths And Facts

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It is a myth that you do not see dreams every night, but only some nights are like that. You might not remember the dreams that you are watching every night. According to the research, dreams occur during rapid eye movement, so you cannot easily remember the content. But when the dreams are not occurring in that mode, you will be more likely to remember everything you have seen.

Men And Women Have Different Dreams

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According to the studies by experts, men and women can have very different dreams. According to the studies, men dream about aggression and sexuality. But in case of females, there is no aggression and an equal proportion of male and female people. Women can also watch dreams of depression because they have less sleep than men.

Dying In Your Dreams Is Bad-Dream Myths And Facts

It is a very bad myth that people have remembered for years. Many people dream of dying in their dreams, and it can be a sign of stress and anxiety. It can also be a reminder of the fact that you have to live your life to the fullest.

All Of Us Do Not Have Colourful Dreams

It is quite a fact that most people do not have colorful dreams. You might be the lucky one to see the colors quite clearly, but not everyone is that fortunate. According to scientific research, only 12% of people dream in only monochrome colors. Most people also say that they cannot control their dreams. But that is not true because you can easily control your dreams. People can control every sequence that is happening inside the dream.

Bad Dreams Means Bad Person

It is not true at all that a bad person will have terrible dreams. Even if you see something as horrible as murdering a person, it does not mean that you have criminal instinct. Also, you see a lot of faces in your dreams but only the ones you have seen in your life. You cannot see the face of a stranger if you haven’t met them at least for once.


Apart from all the myths you have heard, you might also hear that dreams only last a few seconds. Now that you have a fundamental idea about the dreams and myths, you should keep on exploring something new. Many dreams have many meanings, and you should try finding out the scientific reasons as well.

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