Dreams About Snakes in Water Can Have Many Meanings

dreams of snakes in water

“My dreams of snakes in water are coming true.” Those words were spoken by me over the weekend as I sat at the edge of my pool enjoying the cool breeze and the fish swimming around. Suddenly I felt an impulse to pull my filter from the top of the pool and dive in. But, unlike the snake in the dream, who just wants my attention, the real snake is having second thoughts and wants a little more time before he takes his plunge.

As soon as I remembered the dream, I told my husband about it. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face. “Are your dreams of snakes in water always like that?” he asked. I told him no, they aren’t always like that but most certainly can be.

The other night I had a dream about three little white snakes that jumped out of a hole in my fence. They seemed friendly and did me no harm. I watched them for a few moments and when I went back to sleep they were still there. My next dream was more detailed. Three more snakes started leaping out of the hole and into the yard. Before I knew what was happening, they were all gone.

Dreams Of Snakes In Water

A woman wearing a blue dress

I know that snakes like to take refuge in dark places. That could be why the three of them were jumping out of the water in my dream. It was probably a dream about being attacked or feeling threatened. A lot of dreams about dangerous situations leave me feeling anxious.

I have dreams about snakes that are also in water. In one dream I saw two little green snakes. One of them was waving and the other was paddling. I wondered if either of them wanted to come up and bite me since I am black.

Another time I had a dream about being in the ocean. There were many different things going on around me. I could see a lot of ships floating by. Then I saw a submarine. It looked very scary.

The last thing I want to tell you about my dreams is that I once had a dream about a woman who was having a tub at her house. I saw that she was getting ready to take a shower. Suddenly, out of the bushes, three little boys jumped out of the bushes in her yard. She shouted at them, “No!”

A Much Ado

Please remember that dreams about snakes are sometimes quite funny. They can be warnings about your life. When you are sure that your life is going in the right direction, it can be very scary to find out that you have a snake problem. Once you know what’s going on, though, you can deal with it.

Dreams about being in water are always funny. People often say, “I had a dream about being in the water, too.” Often they’re right. When you have a dream about being in the water, it’s usually because you’re looking at a scenario in which you’re trying to figure out if you should go into the water.

Dreams about snakes in water are interesting. They can have different meanings. People often have dreams about snakes because they’re trying to decide if they should try to rid themselves of snakes. In some cases, they’re trying to decide whether or not they should feed those nasty snakes. The snake can represent a part of your life that you want to get out of.

Many people have dreams about snakes because they’re afraid of snakes. You shouldn’t be afraid of a snake. Many snakes make nice pets, and there are plenty of snakes out there that aren’t harmful. Dreams about snakes in water can mean that you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.

Bottom Line

It’s important that you don’t make your dreams about snakes in water about a snake you fear. If you do, you may find yourself fearful whenever you have close contact with a snake. This can lead to serious behavior problems.

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