Dreams About Waves And Water

A small boat in a body of water

Dreams about big waves and water can be quite scary. Often dreamers have seen big waves engulfing them or drowning them. So, what is the exact interpretation of such dreams? Does it mean something bad is going to happen? Let us find out.

Meaning of Water and Sea

A sunset over a body of water with a mountain in the background

When you see waves and water in your dreams, you need to first understand what does water indicate. Water reflects the flow of life, but ocean and sea symbolize strong feelings and emotions. People who see dreams of themselves sailing in a calm ocean with no waves, it indicates peace, harmony and happiness in the coming period.

But, if you see dreams of being caught and being drowned by big waves and being unable to do anything about it, then it symbolizes something else. You need to get into the depth of it to interpret it better. Waves in your dreams in general symbolize creativity and emotions and also give you a hint of the events that you might foresee in future.

But, if the water in the waves is clean, it refers to health and success. Dirty and dark waves refer illness and bad luck. There are certain in-depth interpretations of such dreams

Dreams About Big Waves

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When you see a big wave coming to you:

When you see a big wave coming towards you and you cannot escape, it symbolizes that there are many problems and worries in your real life. It also indicates that something important will happen in your life in the coming months.

When you see tidal waves:

When you see tidal waves in your dreams, it can be interpreted as being too ‘overwhelmed’. When too much is happening in your life at that point of time or when you are under too much pressure and are unable to do anything about it, you may see tidal waves in your dreams. Tidal waves symbolize worries and problems. They indicate that something important is going to happen in your life very soon. You may take up an important life-altering decision. You may also see tidal waves in your dreams when you are going to appear for an important exam in your life or when  you are going to take up a new job. Some experts have also explained the visualizing of tidal waves in one’s dreams as lack of self-confidence.

Dark Waves:

When you see dark colored waves in your dreams, it may be interpreted as your unconscious thoughts and desires. It also symbolizes that in the coming months, you will find it hard to control your dark instincts and may also get into drugs.

Pure Waves:

If you see pure waves in your dreams filled with light, it indicates that you will see something good in your near future. 

These are some interpretations about dreams about waves and water by experts. Think what kind of waves you saw in your dreams to come to the right conclusion.

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