Drowning In Water Dreams – Are They Scary

drowning in water dreams

Most people who have experienced near drowning incidents in the past always share a common fear – that they would never see their loved ones again after the incident. It is the fear of water that links these near drownings. This article looks closely at the phenomenon of water dreams and explains how one can deal with the fear of water that often accompanies them. By the end of this article, you would be able to say whether you too would be scared in such circumstances.

What Exactly Are Water Dreams?

A close up of a boat next to a body of water

As the name suggests, water dreams refer to near death experiences. When a person is near death, he or she may experience several dreams of drowning or being near death. If the person is not near death, then the person may not have even had a dream of death. But if one has ever suffered a near death experience and then later wants to talk about it, then the person will certainly tell about his or her experience in great detail.

People generally describe water dreams as nightmarish visions of water rushing into or being engulfed by the body of the person. However, as many of us would agree, this description may be somewhat subjective. People who have experienced water dreams report vivid colours, sounds and even images of water rushing into or engulfing them. The experiences that people have while floating in or near water can also be frightening. It may seem that the whole world is engulfed in water or that the mind is underwater.

Some of us have near death experiences but do not relate the experience to water. For example, some people have had a near death experience in which they emerge from the sea but do not have a memory of falling or being submerged under the sea. Similarly, some people who have had near death experiences have described dark entities in the water that resemble ghosts or demons.

About Drowning In Water Dreams

There are those, however, who believe that near death experiences and water are related. People who have near death experiences frequently say that they also have memories of being drowned in water. The fact that near death experiences are often described as having vivid dreams, whilst the same dreams can also come during panic or stressful situations, lends more credence to this theory. Even though some people cannot remember ever being in water, they have a strong desire to believe that it happened to them.

What Psychologist Believes?

Psychologists believe that these near death experiences occur because people have a subconscious wish to be near the ocean or Atlantic Ocean in some shape or form at some point during their life. However, there are people who would like to make this reality for themselves. To do this, they may hold a vision quest; in which case, they will visit the location that is associated with their near death wish.

During this journey, these people will see or hear the reflection of their near death wish. This may occur as a physical object or in some other form. It could also be interpreted symbolically, by playing some form of spiritual activity such as meditation. If you think that you might be on the road to becoming near death, then playing this type of game may help you relax, as well as prepare you for your upcoming near death situation.

Final Thoughts

Drowning in water dreams are not uncommon, although most people have never had one. People who have had near death experiences report an emergence from the water and being lifted back into consciousness. Some people who have had such dreams state that they were “seen” by someone who was looking down on them from above the water. No matter what form your near death experiences take you, it will leave you with a sense of fear and panic, and if you can prepare yourself for such a feeling, then you can face your impending death with much more confidence.

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