Everything You Must Know About Having Melatonin Dreams

melatonin dreams

The pineal gland of the body secretes a hormone called melatonin. This hormone plays a major role in maintaining the sleep and waking schedules of a person. Oftentimes, people suffering from minor or major insomnia are also advised to take melatonin supplements. However, over secretion of this hormone may cause some serious issues. One of the major side effects can include vivid or melatonin dreams. Mentioned below are all the important points that you must know about melatonin and dreams.

Melatonin And Hallucinations 


Before talking about melatonin dreams, it is important to know that melatonin plays a crucial role in treating hallucinations caused at night. Sometimes, people experience frightening sounds and visions in the dark that simply vanishes as soon as the light comes. These hallucinations can be harmful to the person’s overall health. As per the studies, intake of approx 5 mg of melatonin supplements before going to sleep can reduce the risk of such hallucinations. Delayed release of this hormone may also reduce the frightening hallucination experience.

Vivid Or Melatonin Dreams


Melatonin also leads to adverse effects that include causing vivid dreams. There are several reasons for having such dreams, however, sleep quality and memory processing are considered to be the main factors of this issue.

  • Sleep quality – Intake or secretion of melatonin may increase episodes of a person’s sleep cycle that can ultimately result in an increased opportunity of having vivid dreams. It enhances the sleep cycle, improves the quality of sleep, and enhances the sleeping time too. Enhanced sleep quality also increases the chance to have vivid or intense dreams.
  • Memory processing – It is believed that the brain involves melatonin in the procedures of erasing or storing different recent memories. In the process of REM sleep, melatonin leads to erasing memories while you are dreaming. This is a major reason for having intense dreams. The longer the periods of memory-erasing the more intense dreams you may have.
  • Other health factors – Several other factors can lead to having such melatonin dreams which include Alzheimer’s disease, high BP or insomnia, etc.  

Melatonin Dreams And Vasotocin

Vasotocin is a crucial factor that causes such dreams. This is released by melatonin supplements or the hormone itself when intake is done at a rapid level. It regulates and enhances REM sleep that ultimately leads to vivid dreams. Also, increased intake of melatonin may result in the improper amount of Vasotocin in your body causing health and sleep issues. This is why it becomes the main reason for your sleeping schedule and sleeping deepness.

Some Other Crucial Side Effects Of Melatonin 

Melatonin may not have any severe or long-term side effects yet it may lead to some mild health issues. These issues may include headaches, depression, abdominal cramps, facing less alertness at work, irritation, low BP, anxiety, and a lot more.


These are all the factors that have been concluded via various studies. That’s why there are no exact results on how these supplements and hormones may affect your sleeping schedules and let you have vivid or intense dreams. It is better to take supplements in the correct dose and consult a doctor if any factors lead to extra secretion of melatonin.

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