Fabulous Facts About Prophetic Dreams

The Ultimate Prophet

Dreams are one of the most common phenomena in our lives. Everybody dreams, at least sporadically if not regularly. Another bad form of dreams is nightmares.

These are very common. However, there is another category of a dream which is quite rare. It is the perceived ability to look into the future. Prophetic dreams have been around for a long time. However, the incidents are few. Let us discuss what these dreams are all about.

Very crude definition of the prophetic dreams is that they are your ability to know the unknown, to know the future. It is generally associated with divine powers.

Bible has quite a good number of entries on these dreams. For example, prophet Daniel saw a dream of several beasts which represents empires from Babylon. There are many other examples in the Bible and other holy books.

Type of Prophetic Dreams

Message from above

There are many types of prophetic dreams.

  1. The most commonly mistaken dream is apparition where a deceased person comes to the dream to deliver any message.
  2. There are clairaudient dreams where the dreamer hears angelic voices while dreaming.
  3. Empathetic dreams are dreams in which you feel the emotions of another.
  4. There are rumors of shared dreams. In this dream world, two or more people are connected by a dream.

The meaning or the interpretation of prophetic dreams are equally challenging. A challenging aspect is that it is really hard to decipher the real meaning of the dream from the layers given.

It is not only in the holy books that these incidents are contained. In real life also, there are several incidents rumored to be true.

Theory Behind Prophetic Dreams

i dream of angels

For example, Mr. Isaac Frauenthal, a lawyer from New York, is believed to have dreamt about the sinking of Titanic. He reportedly survived the incident because he was aware of the incident after having the same dream twice. The structure of the atom is similar to a solar system, and this idea came to Niels Bohr in a dream. The idea of the period table and its arrangement is said to have come to Dmitri Mendeleev in his dream.

It is really difficult to sort out truth from legends, to differentiate reality from belief. There are a few possible explanations of this kind of dreams. Believers say it is divine intervention as it is believed there is one God who guides us all and send his messages by the dreams. The scientists say it is the subconscious mind that analyses the reality and interprets it in the form of a dream. Moreover, the skeptics say these all are a huge coincident.

Which one is correct? Is there God, or our subconscious, or all these just happened by chance? We do not know for sure and it is up to you what to believe.

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