Facts about Dreams about water and flooding

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Dreams, we all have them; they act as a doorway for our subconscious mind while we’re asleep to imagine. But they are often said to be meaningful for our brain barely does anything without meaning, even when it’s only partly conscious. We often dream of mundane things like fire and water but these often symbolise something in them.

Speed and type of water

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The speed and type of water surrounding you in your dreams also play a major role in the interpretation; turbulent water often symbolises some unrest in your life or some things that are happening way too quickly, hence general unrest. Dreaming of things like a swimming pool means you’re in need of relaxation, sometimes you just need to take in the plunge and calm yourself down.

Regardless of the intensity, rain symbolises sadness and a sense of helplessness sometimes but it also symbolises pain and sorrow that might be passing over and you moving on from them; it acts as a cleanser.

Rising water stands for unrest and anxiety, a feeling of overwhelm and losing control of emotions in our life.

Dreams about water

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People are generally either concerned if they dream of water or they pay no attention to it because it’s an unobservable thing. Generally, these dreams occur when the person is experiencing some strong emotion or emotions that are running deep. Even in our daily life, water provides a sense of calm or terror if the water is angry.

Dreams of flowing water symbolise a change that might be transitioning peacefully or way too quickly if the flow was swift. Oceans are daunting and limitless, hence they often symbolise unknown and endless opportunities in lieu of you.

Dreams about floods

Dreams of floods are concerning at a first glance and thought as they’re generally related to mass destruction and chaos, but the meaning differs from that of dreams. They generally arise when you have repressed feelings or thoughts that you haven’t been able to express. A flood is an overwhelming feeling, hence it’s a way of your brain realising it’s overwhelmed with unsaid feelings and needs to wipe the slate clean.

As dark as floods are, they also bring a new phase of life; the dreams also occur when there’s a dynamic change in your life all of a sudden. It might be a beginning of a new chapter for you, a move on from the past negative phase of your life.


Dreams are our brain’s way of letting things out or signalling us about certain aspects of our lives. They almost always carry a meaning and symbolism which might not always be what it is at face value or in our normal, conscious world. We sometimes just need to take the hint and analyse what’s happening around us to figure it out.

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