Facts About Midsummer Night’s Dream – Everything You Should Know

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Everyone would have read at least one or two and some schools teach a lot of William Shakespeare plays in the schools. Most children are aware of a midsummer Night’s Dream which is a comedy play written by William Shakespeare. The play is focused on Athens as its location and has several subplots that majorly focus on the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. There are also conflicts about four different Athenian lovers. The play is definitely loved by a lot of people and there are a few facts about midsummer Night’s Dream you might want to know.

Facts About Midsummer Night’s Dream – Criticism And Inspiration

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Every play deserves its criticism and feedback and the first piece of criticism of the play here is about the entry of the diary of Samuel Pepys. Samuel so the play being performed in 1662 and recorded the same his diary and noted it down as one of the ridiculous plays he has ever seen in his life. He also adds that he liked the dancing part and all the handsome women he saw but the overall play has not been very satisfactory. The play has also inspired some narratives and one of the weirdest narratives would be Die Hard. There was no pra inspired by the display and it had memorable music and it was given good feedback from the experts in the industry. The influence of the play also extends to the movie industry and as we said earlier, the blockbuster film Die Hard was inspired by Shakespeare’s play. 

Facts About Midsummer Night’s Dream – Single Night

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While the play brings to an established plot of several characters regardless of the center point being evident, the one fact you might not know is that it doesn’t take place in a single night. Other experts were inspired by the 1 night time frame of the play but that is Ironic given the actions involved in this play are not possible to be completed in a single night and rather it takes place in 4 or 5 and in midsummer rather than midwinter.

Facts About Midsummer Night’s Dream – Characters

You should also know something about the characters and their names inspired the scientists to name the moons of the Uranus planet after the play. Titania, Oberon and Puck were some of the names inspired and the moon Puck was discovered in 1985 and the astronauts thought this would be a perfect name for their discovery. There have also been celebrated productions of this play and the first celebrated production had live rabbits on stage.


Regardless of whatever criticism it might have received, Shakespeare’s plays, especially when it comes to the comedy genre are one of the interesting and inspiring pieces of all time. It has inspired not only people in the drama and theatre tricks industry but also the ones from the movie industry that they copy the names and the plots and get inspired by it every now and then.

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