Facts Against the Dream – What Would Really Happen If You Saw This Dream?

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The Facts Against the Dream Act is a metaphysical play written by Philip Pullman. Pullman is known for his Harry Potter series and other fantastic books. The Facts Against the Dream Act is the play based on these works. Although it may seem like a children’s play it is very much a play written for adults. It tackles universal problems as well as the psychological ones. The audience would learn many interesting facts while at the same time solving different puzzles and riddles to achieve the goal or solve the mystery.

An Overview


The movie starts off with the apparently ordinary story of a girl named Lisa who lives in a peaceful community. At the beginning of the film she is seen to be studying ancient Greek mythology. On the first day of her studies, Lisa witnesses a horrible murder carried out by two teenagers. This prompts her to go to the police only to find out that there were two other teens involved in the crime as well. As a result, she is faced with the dilemma of how to commit suicide or let the others escape justice.

The investigation would show that Lisa has psychic abilities, although this was never specified. She also uses her unusual mental abilities to help the police in their search for the culprits. In addition to this she also uses her super-fast reflexes and strong physical strength to easily defeat the monsters she is confronted with. This ability however also makes her vulnerable to attacks from both humans and demons.

Facts About Dreams

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At first glance the investigation seems to be the work of a children’s book. As the story unfolds, however, it becomes apparent that the true powers and abilities behind the scenes are very complex. Lisa also has a dream related to her death. As the play goes on, we discover that her dreams are linked to her mental abilities. The truth about her abilities is slowly revealed and the viewer would see that her dreams are not just related to realtime, but to life.

The film shows us that Lisa is dealing with grief and guilt after her mother is murdered. She then suffers from amnesia as she tries to forget the whole incident. Her subconscious mind is also confused and does not know who she is or where she lives. Her boyfriend, Erickson, also develops amnesia after his wife is killed. He also suffers from grief as he is haunted by images of his own life and of his dead mother. He then tries to clear his own mind, but he soon gets himself into trouble.

As the investigation progresses, we find out that these three characters have strong familial bonds and are also deeply disturbed by the events that have happened to them. As they uncover the secrets they learn about their past, they also learn more about the demons that are possessing their minds. This leads them to face their greatest fears and to finally overcome them. As they are making progress, we also learn that these enemies are much stronger than we would have imagined. They possess almost complete control over their victims’ minds and bodies and are thus very dangerous.

Although it would be easy to dismiss the film as a product of adolescent wishful thinking, the creators of the film did leave us with a few clues that would eventually help us to uncover the truth. We learn from Lisa’s dream that there was a burglary at her house and that her mother’s killer was a man named Erickson. At the same time, we also see that Erickson had a troubled childhood and had been expelled from several schools. His childhood friend, Mikey, was also found dead in the same house and we learn that he too was in trouble.

In The End

When we finally realize that our nightmares are not dreams but are instead reality, it would be very easy to conclude that our only choice is to face our fears and confront our enemies. The facts against the dream makes this task easier. It is certainly true that we should trust our instincts, but if we can get solid evidence that would back up our claims, then we have nothing to fear and no reason to hide behind.

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