Fascinating Facts About Dream Mood

Diverse people covered with different moods

When you fall asleep feeling sad or angry, you are likely to experience nightmares. Sometimes you remember them, and sometimes you don’t. This means that the type of dreams that you have can be dependent on your mood. The dream mood that you have can also be analyzed in order to find a solution to the problem you are facing. Your brain knows the answer to everything, and this is a way to convey you the answers.

All you need to do is write it down and try and find out the meaning of the dream mood.

The Dream Mood Dictionary

Here are some popular dreams that depend on the dream mood.

When Babies Dream

Smiling baby while dreaming

Children never see themselves in any dream until they are 4 years old. This is due to the fact that they do not consider themselves as an entity. They dream of things that they see around them, like colors, images, letters, or symbols.

Dreaming While Unconscious

Even when unconscious, our mind processes thousands of pieces of information. We may think that an unconscious person does not dream, but this is not true. Even when we are unconscious, our mind keeps on reminding us to stay alive. This is why many people survive very serious accidents as their mind shows them elements that keep them alive.

Dreaming of the World Coming to an End

We associate such dreams as symbols of warning but this is not true. Indeed, such dreams happen when our dream mood is tragic. If you are still reviving from a specific accident or are still mourning the death of a loved one, you may experience such a dream.

Dreaming of a River/Sea/Ocean

The majority of our body is composed of water. That’s why water represents some of our deepest emotions. As such, if you dream of heavy rains or a storm, it means that you are struggling with some kind of feeling that you should face instead of fighting it. On the contrary, if you dream of a calm river, it means that your emotions are at peace, and you are going in the right direction.

Dreaming of Trees

Trees represent out physical health, as well as wealth. A thin and pale tree with no leaves means that you are physically weak and need to build yourself. On the other side, a fully-grown tree, that is dense, and has fruits, indicates that you are healthy and wealthy. This is also, in a way, related to your dream mood. Indeed, when you are weak, you tend to have skim dreams, whereas when you are physically fit, you tend to have colorful dreams.

Is Every Dream Related to Our Mood?

Sweet dreams

We cannot reach a conclusion about whether every dream is related to our mood. Indeed, many dreams are simply a manifestation of the current situation in your life, even if, in a way, it is also related to the interior mood you have at that point in time.

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