Fascinating Facts About Spirit Dreams

Spirit on moon

Dreams are a phenomenon that modern science hasn’t been able to fully explain yet. So little is known behind what causes them and what are their meanings. We dream about very different things, like for example about ghosts, demons, spirit dreams, and angels.

While science has not yet accepted the idea of ghosts and spirits, it is possible that dreams may act as portals for humans to contact other-worldly beings.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about how our conscious state of mind is dormant when we sleep and dream. Not only does that mean that we keep our logic and reasoning at bay, but also that we are more open to symbolism and acceptance of the fact that supernatural beings exist.

What Do Spirit Dreams Mean?

Dreaming of spirits

The dreams in which someone sees a spirit, ghost, or even an angel are often called visitation dreams. These dreams can be pleasant and positive experiences but also sweat inducing and nerve-wracking.

Visitation dreams can be a figment of your imagination running high while sleeping and causing you to believe that you have been touched by some other-worldly being. However, a lot of people also believe that dreams are a medium for ghosts and spirits to visit us, either due to their relationship with us, or for delivering some sort of message.

Ancient Beliefs About Dreams

Early human civilizations used to believe that dreaming was their way of connecting with God. They used to think that they were God’s way of sending a warning or telling the future.

Similarly, if you were visited by spirits of your ancestors in your dreams, it meant that they were either trying to connect with you or trying to warn you about the future. Therefore, spirit dreams have a rich history behind them.

These dreams are so clear that even when the dreamer wakes up from such dreams, they would hardly lose any part of it. The nature of these dreams also leaves a deep impact and we usually remember them for years.

Dreams Vs Science

Is there science behind dreams?

Scientists have not been able to clearly explain anything about the reason behind the occurrence of dreams and their nature. The only thing that everyone agrees on is that they seem very real and everything seems tangible when dreaming.

While dreaming, the mind is free from any resistance while dreaming and can independently create visualizations that often seem bizarre after waking up and analyzing the dream.

Dreaming about ghosts and spirits seems unbelievable. However, it occurs so frequently that the connection behind the supernatural world and the dreaming world cannot be denied.

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