Fascinating Facts on Dreams About Death

Dream about death

Dreams about death are very common, and many people may wonder about their meanings. According to many psychoanalysts, dreaming about death often indicates the ending of something, whether a phase, a job, or even a relationship. When anxious or angry, such dreams symbolize the need to resolve our issues before they start to harm us.

After dreaming about death, most people start questioning life after death, as well as the process in itself – for example, whether dying hurts. The psyche, in the subconsious mind, continuously thinks about these existential questions, whether one is awake or asleep.

What Does it Actually Mean?

Some people dream about death more often than others. An exciting or uncertain life-changing period in life may be the explanation.

Although everyone is greatly influenced by the world around us, dreams are actually a reflection of our inner world. That’s why, dream interpretation is most effective when the dreamer plays an active role in exploring the meaning of the dreams.

Start of Something New

Someone else dying in a dream

Most death dreams symbolize the end of an old phase and the start of something new- getting married, the birth of a baby, a new job, etc. If the dream is experienced negatively, the person is too much clinging on the past and needs to move forward.

Through such dreams, the person is prematurely ending something that needs his attention. Moreover, dreaming of the death of someone alive may reflect feelings of jealousy or hatred towards that person.

Mental Well-Being

A person who often experiences such dark dreams should seek help from a professional to take care of this condition.

On the other side, dreaming about your own death indicates the desire and the need to get away from stress, or from a current unpleasant situation. The solution is to confront and face your problems, so that such dreams and the negativity associated stop.

Relationship Issues

Dreaming of your lover’s death may indicate that this relationship is likely to end soon. As death dreams symbolize self-transformation, inner growth, and change; it also indicates that the person is discarding from the unnecessary, and makes room for new things.

End of Childhood

Dreaming about the death of a child generally symbolizes the ending of childhood and the beginning of the adult period.

Death symbolizes the ending of old beliefs, habits, thoughts or inner qualities. If the dream involves a dead person, it could contain a message from that person that has to be decoded.   

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