Five Meanings Of Dreams Involving Water

dreams involving water

Do we ever think how powerful the element ‘water’ is for us? An element that has no shape, no taste, no odour, nothing. But, this ‘water’ holds many meanings when we see it in our dreams. There are plenty of ways to interpret Dreams Involving Water. But, the context in which we are seeing water in our dreams can be significant for deciding the course of life. It can have both negative and positive connotations.

Therefore, it is extremely important to consider every possibility of the symbols that we see in our dreams. Let’s take a look at five different meanings of water in our dreams.


A bird in the water

For most people, water can symbolize their emotions. For instance, the type of water a person is dreaming about or its clarity can express the overall emotive response of the person. However, Dreams Involving Water can provide some insight into the type of emotions or feelings that a person is experiencing at that moment. The basic understanding is that we can never do away with our emotions.


A waterfall with trees on the side of a snow covered slope

We all know about the importance that the ‘holy water’ holds for the Christians. Similarly, every religion believes in the sanctity of water. Interestingly, there are myths in which legends have portrayed water to have a strong connection with spiritual reality. Thus, if you are a religious person and have recently experienced Dreams Involving Water, then it might have some connections with your spiritual beliefs. In other words, it can mean that there is also living in our dreams.


Water exists in many forms in real life. For instance, it can take the form of rowdy waves or remain stagnant in a pool. However, if we dream about waves or rivers, then they might represent the flow that we are facing in our personal lives. Nevertheless, water is energy and when one has Dreams Involving Water, it can symbolize the flow of energy and emotions in their lives.


Sometimes, dreams involving water can also mean abundance and prosperity. Imagine a world without the seas and oceans? There won’t be anything called abundance, then. For instance, if there is no water, there won’t be any fertile soil and there won’t be any harvest. Therefore, such dreams can have prosperous implications in someone’s life.

Personal Growth

Do you have those dreams where you see yourself pouring out water to others? If yes, then you must be welcoming new changes in your life. However, that again depends on the person’s mental state before and after the dream. If you are in the process of transitioning your life, then such dreams can mean positive outcomes.

Summing Up

Water means change and renewal. That’s why it does not remain stagnant always. You must not be troubled by such dreams. Look at the positive side of these dreams and make your lives better.

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