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Dreamcatcher watches were initially made by Ojibwa native Americans. They created them to protect children from nightmares and bad spirits, and used to hang the dreamcatchers over their beds.

Dreamcatchers are round, representing the sun and the moon. They are decorated with feathers and bead, with a web woven in the loop made by willow wood.

When a person goes to sleep, the dreamcatcher attracts all the dreams and catches them. Indeed, while good dreams only pass through feathers, the bad dreams are either burnt or dissolved when exposed to sunlight. Dreamcatchers are now available worldwide and not anymore confined to native Americans.

Dream Catcher Handmade Watch

A dreamcatcher watch may be the perfect gift for someone who suffers from nightmares. Indeed, it will protect you from bad dreams and from evil spirits.

This dreamcatcher watch is very stylish. Its beautiful uniquely designed strap is handmade. Moreover, the color combination of this watch is eye-catching, and its design is a veritable fashion statement.


The dreamcatcher watch
  1. This dreamcatcher watch come in 8 wonderful designs with different captivating color combinations, assuring you to stand out from the crowd.
  2. You can wear it on any occasion.
  3. The watch is made from high-quality material, making your accessory durable. The quartz watch has a stainless-steel frame which gives it a sturdy look.
  4. The golden chain attached to the handmade strap makes it more attractive by giving it a royal look.
  5. Once you wear this watch, you will enjoy this material over other plain leather strap watches.
  6. This watch is not heavy on the wrist and is very comfortable to wear.
  7. The band length is only 24cm so you can store it easily.

Gift it now to your loved ones or to yourself and enjoy lovely dreams.

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