Help Your Passenger Or Your Child In A Healthy And Comfortable Sleeping Position! Check This Out!

Get the most comfort in your car while on-the-go with this amazing headrest pillow. Designed to offer passengers neck and head support as they sleep, this car pillow makes long trips extremely comfortable and stress-free. The pillow is easy to attach to the existing headrest of the vehicle. It has adjustable width and a rotational design to suit different needs. Something that will help keep your body upright and reduce fatigue or pain while traveling! 

Neck/Headrest Pillow For Cars

The lack of support to the head or neck while traveling in a car can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, a good neck pillow or headrest can make journeys comfortable and stress-free. This revolutionary device offers the desired support and comfort to passengers asleep in a moving car. Its ergonomic design supports the head and neck, relaxes the muscles, and prevents floating neck.

Designed with heavy-duty and durable material, this pillow is extremely durable, wear-resistant, and comfortable. It is filled with high-elastic fabric that makes the pillow breathable, soft, and cushioned. The pillow has an adjustable width and can be rotated at the desired angle for the optimal comfort of kids or adults. When you don’t need the pillow, simply lift it to save space. 

The headrest comes with detachable pillows and is easy to install. Take the clips and buckle them on the metal pins of the car’s pillow. Insert one end of the mounting rod into the other end and hook the metal rod. The last step is to install the wings on both sides of the headrest bar and tighten the screw cover.

This car pillow is easy to clean. As the pillows are adjustable to the desired width, they are suitable for everyone and fit most car seats with adjustable headrest poles.


Size: about 36 x 20 x 11 cm

Material: ABS, Memory Cotton

Comes with a pillow, a tool kit, manual, and 2 level end caps

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Pros Of Neck/Headrest Pillow For Cars

  • High-quality neck pillow or headrest with breathable filling.
  • Adjustable pillow width and rotatable design.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Supports head and neck.
  • Easy to install with detachable pillows.
  • Reduces neck pain or head fatigue.

Cons Of Neck/Headrest Pillow For Cars

  • This car pillow is not suitable for all car types and is only suited to a car seat with headrest levers.


With scientific ergonomic design and comfortable construction, this car seat pillow prevents floating neck, relaxes the muscles, and subtly supports the head and neck. The detachable headrest pillows are easy to mount on headrest supportive bars, making them suitable for most cars. As the headrest comes with a rotatable design and pillows for adjustable width, it can be tuned to your needs for optimal comfort. If you have pain in the neck/back or want your kids to sleep on-the-go comfortably, this headrest is a perfect pick for you. Just make sure your car has adjustable headrest poles before you invest in it.

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