How to Tell When You Are Pregnant With Lucid Dreams - How to Tell When You Are Pregnant With Lucid Dreams -

How to Tell When You Are Pregnant With Lucid Dreams

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Have you ever wondered if your dreams may have been prophetic? I’ll bet you have. Many times you will have vivid dreams of early pregnancy signs. These are very common and oftentimes people mistake them for signs of coming trimester. Oftentimes these vivid dreams early pregnancy signs can signify you’re pregnant.

Some women say the changes hormone levels bring on such a strong dream. One dream explained by a woman was that she saw a dark unknown figure in the pool. It was moving quickly towards her and was nearly upon her. Then it jumped out of the water and disappeared.

An Overview

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Another woman says her dream was so real that it frightened her to death. It was a feeling that scared her to death even in a dream. These fearful experiences, many women say, happen during the first month and they continue throughout. They continue, even when they’re fully aware they’re pregnant and are in labor.

If you’ve had several of these experiences, you might wonder if they’re precursors to your early pregnancy? Could you have conceived much earlier? These early pregnancy dreams could be indicators that you’re already pregnant, but it’s just a hunch. You’ll need more information to make a final determination.

Ambiguous Dreams

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Some women swear that their dreams were prophetic. This may be because they were extremely anxious about something when they got their dreams. They may have worried about a particular symptom, they may experience. It doesn’t matter what the symptom is as long as you are not stressing about it.

Others may not be able to remember their dream, but others may. If you have a strong dream about spotting or even getting an infection in your fallopian tubes, then you must have encountered them before. You may also be very stressed out and you certainly can’t ignore the feeling because it may be an early sign of your pregnancy.

If you’re a teenager, this can be all the more valid. Most teenagers don’t start thinking about their pregnancy until they are older. You won’t be the first person to have these dreams about your pregnancy. Many women even dream about having babies at least once a month before they get pregnant. It does not necessarily mean they’re pregnant, just that they’re excited about starting a family. In this case, they aren’t so anxious that they worry about being infertile.

Common Signs

It is very common for women to have these dreams about being pregnant. It can be scary and you may even question whether it’s real or a dream. It’s important to know that you’re safe no matter what. Your body has gone through the exact same process. Your chances of having an actual pregnancy are high, but you must stay positive and take care of yourself because you never know when your pregnancy will become a reality.

Some women find that their vivid dreams are a lot more violent than others. It is possible that you have some extra blood flowing in your veins and you’re feeling very uncomfortable. You may also feel extremely tired. These are common feelings during pregnancy. However, you should always try to stay calm and keep your baby as close to you as possible.


Another common symptom of pregnancy is that your vivid dreams tend to be more vivid and longer than usual. This may be because you are exhausted and you need to get more sleep. This happens to everyone. It’s good to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, so if your dreams are lasting a lot more than that, you may need to go to bed earlier or hang out with someone else who is easier to sleep with.

Some women experience an increase in dream intensity during early pregnancy. Others notice that they have dreams that seem very real to them and can actually “touch” them in some way. They may even wake up from these dreams shaking or crying. Keep in mind that you may be worrying that something bad will happen to you or to your unborn baby if you continue to have these intense dreams. However, this is very normal during early pregnancy and generally passes.


If your vivid dreams do pass, you may notice that your senses are heightened. This is one reason why so many people have these dreams during pregnancy – you are very alert. This heightened awareness can help you notice things around you that you weren’t before. Many women notice that they’re more sensitive to smells and sounds as well. Try to relax and take a deep breath every time you have a lucid dream.

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