The Interesting Facts About Dreams

Interesting Facts About Dreams That Might Surprise You

Dreams are the images or stories that our brain builds during sleep. It can be exciting, terrifying, fascinating, or weird. Researches show that we dream four to six times a night. However, their occurrence is still unclear yet. In this article, we describe some interesting facts about dreams that might surprise you. Hence, you must not miss reading this article until the end.

Interesting Facts About Dreams That Might Surprise You
Interesting Facts About Dreams That Might Surprise You

Every Person Dreams

Not only adults, but babies dream too. Some people claim that they do not dream while sleeping. However, researches prove that every person dreams for about two hours per night. The duration of each one is two to five minutes. Moreover, a person spends an average of six years dreaming during a lifetime.

You Forget Most Of Your Dreams- Facts About Dreams

It is a fact that you will forget all the 95 percent of whole dreams after waking. They are challenging to remember. It is because our brain doesn’t support information storage while sleeping. Scientists scan the brain of some sleeping individuals to know in detail. They found that front lobes of mind (area of the mind responsible for memory formation) are inactive when the dream occurs.

Not All People Dream In Color

Most of the people dream in the proper color. However, few persons claimed that they dream in black and white. Studies show that most frequently dream occurs in soft pastel colors.

Men And Women Dream Differently

Studies show that the content of the dream in man and women are different. In research, men reported seeing weapons in their dreams. However, women said dreaming about clothing and fashion most of the time. Moreover, men tend to dream of some physical activity or aggressive content. In women, conversational dreams occur more frequently than physical activities.

Interesting Facts About Dreams That Might Surprise You
Interesting Facts About Dreams That Might Surprise You

When it comes to characters in dreams, women tend to see both sexes equally. Their dream also lasts longer as compared to men. However, men dream about other men most of the time while sleeping.

Probably Animals Dream Too

You can see a sleeping dog moving its tail or legs. It might be dreaming at that time. However, there is no confirmation about the dreaming of animals. Many researchers consider that animals also dream.

You Are In The State Of Paralysis During Your Dreams

During the REM sleep, the voluntary muscles in your body stop working. You can call it a condition similar to paralysis. It occurs to prevent you from acting while you are dreaming. The body cannot move due to unstimulated motor neurons. Sometimes, this paralysis can continue for even ten minutes after waking up, known as sleep paralysis. It can be terrifying; however, specialists suggested that it is normal and will last only a few moments.

Controlling Your Dream Is Possible- Facts About Dreams

In lucid dreaming, a person is aware that he is dreaming. It occurs due to a combination of REM sleep and consciousness. About half of people remember the minimum of one lucid dream in their life. However, very few individuals tend to have frequent lucid dreams while sleeping.

Negative Emotions Are More Common- Facts About Dreams

No one has control over dreaming. However, people tend to have experienced more negative dreams than positive ones. A study in the 1990s shows that most frequently occurring dreams include negative emotions.

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