It’s All About Dreams

All about dreams

It is said that timing is everything. It could not be truer for one natural phenomenon that happens to all of us: dreams. While dreaming when asleep is an involuntary phenomenon of our subconscious mind, it becomes voluntary when it occurs at our conscious state.

The physical occurrence of dreams happens anytime during sleeping, and according to some experts, it happens at least six to seven times. However, it happens more vividly during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. Moreover, the only dreams that we can recall are the ones that happen in that stage.

Does Everyone Dream?

Dream & Animals

Dream of Animals

Dreams are so common that even some animals and babies are thought to have them. But do they have any significance? Scientists are fighting over this question. Some of them think these occurrences are mental images of our subconscious mind that represent deeper meanings of our day to day lives.

Dreams & Mental Well-Being

When we are sleeping, all our focus is on the subject we are dreaming about. Dreaming is useful and necessary for our emotional, mental and physical well-being. However, another group of scientists thinks that they do not mean anything at all.

We Dream When We Are Awake

Dreams are all about sleeping. But what happens when we are awake? This kind of dreams are the ones that are worth living for. These dreams can be defined as hope, aspiration, or even as a goal. They are the reason that wakes you up before the sun and takes you out for a run, and they are the reason for which you stay awake at night working on that assignment.

Everyone has such goals, whether big or small. It could be as small as shedding two more kilos of weight, and as large as being an entrepreneur. None of these dreams or goals are insignificant and you have to push yourself to achieve them.

What’s Your Dream?

What’s your dream?

Open-eyes dreaming refers to the dreams that prevent you to sleep. Here, we are talking about the ones that push you to the boundary. So, what is your dream? Is it going to Paris? Getting a promotion? Maybe it is as simple as getting up by eight every morning. Whatever your dream, are you ready to work for it?

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