Know All About a Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are handmade beautiful objects that come in different colors and sizes. Made of feathers and beads- known to be sacred objects-, they are used as spiritual tools. Native Americans used dreamcatchers by hanging them above children beds to protect them from bad dreams.

Dreamcatchers were originally created by native American Indians. Moreover, according to some studies and beliefs, they originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe. Indeed, it is believed that they were passed down from the Ojibwa to other tribes through intercaste marriages, and through trade.

Ojibwa means spider and refers to the web woven on the cover of a hoop of dreamcatchers. These objects are very popular and sacred in native Americans tribes.

Nowadays, many attractive dreamcatchers with different types of decoration and colors, are available in the market and on online stores.

Bedroom Lights Dreamcatcher

Some dreamcatchers can also serve as a bedroom led light. Indeed, the captivating and enchanting look makes it a perfect object of decoration. You can also use it to change the look of your bedroom. This piece is so colorful that it can match the walls of any bedroom very easily.


Woman wearing a dreamcatcher
  1. Its traditional round shape gives this dreamcatcher an authentic look. The material used -strings, laces, and plastic- is of high quality.
  2. This dreamcatcher is very easy to hang and is battery operated, without any messy wires.
  3. This attractive dreamcatcher comes in three variants, with different length and diameter, and really gives a boost to the ambiance of your room.
  4. The first variant comes with a diameter of 5cm and a length of 65 cm. The second variant comes with a diameter of 15cm and a length of 55cm. The third one has a diameter of 20cm and a length of 65cm.
  5. All three variants are very beautiful and spectacular. It gives your room a stylish and princely look. This dreamcatcher will certainly bring you some calm and relaxing moments.

Whatever the chosen design or color, any dreamcatcher will definitely attract your guests and friends. We are ensuring fast delivery, and you can get this amazing dreamcatcher within a very short time. Get your light dreamcatcher now and stay away from bad dreams!

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