Let Me Remember – Dream Not Found by Michael Jackson

dream not found

A game that I recently purchased and has been getting a lot of positive buzz is Dream not Found. This game seems to be one of the top games on Steam for both platforms at this time. I’m going to let you in on my discovery as well as give you a simple summary of the game and how it has influenced me and other gamers. If you are interested in the pros and cons of the game and how it can improve your life, then keep reading.

Dream not Found by Michael Jackson

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So what is Dream Not Found? It is a survival game based on a dream. The story revolves around you helping the local townspeople of an island by clearing away rocks and obstacles from their path so they can reach the surface and build a railroad to get supplies. The game is very easy and there isn’t much to it. Basically all you have to do is clear away rocks with a shovel and you are done. There are no special skills or items to buy or anything like that is the main appeal of the game.

I got the itch to go and play this game and my brother immediately had the same dream, so we decided to give it a shot. We started playing together and I started to see how easy it was. The thing I noticed about this game is that it’s a lot of fun to play. You can tell that the person 1 is having the dream not too long after they start playing.

I know right off the bat Dream not Found is going to be a nice little relaxing game because there aren’t a whole lot of games like that. Minecraft are probably the closest to it but those are more action based. So when I say relaxing I am saying that it’s a game that won’t cause you to have a stress headache or anything. It’s more for your brain and it will just plain make you feel good to be able to find that dream not found.

When you are looking for your lost dream it will start with a person 1 sitting on a boat looking for their dream. You then start to dig up the ground and find out where that dream is. Once you find it you will give the person 1 the dream and they will move onto starting the boat to take them to their dream. You must use the shovel to take down the hills and keep following the terrain as you go. That is where minecraft and georgenotfound comes in because you can build your own ship to take you there.

I love playing this game because it’s so relaxing. It’s almost like having your own little vacation in your back yard. You can build your own house, take your girlfriend there, find that dream and if you’re lucky you might get your dream girl in your life. In April, which happens to be a significant date in everyone’s life, you could be the one to find your dream girl. You might actually have a girlfriend by April, or you might be just wasting your time looking for your dream in April.

The game is really fun. You can also purchase the Dreamnotfound game when it comes out later this year. I am sure you will enjoy the theme as much as me. Some people have said that they don’t remember waking up in the middle of some night in the middle of July until they heard the song from Dream not Found. This game has really made me wonder how the whole thing started but it’s always great to see new ideas like this one.

Final Words

The graphics are fantastic and theres a really cool story with the characters in it. It’s funny how that happened because at first i didn’t really care for it. I was actually thinking that the whole idea of using dream not found to create some suspense was just ridiculous to me. But then again, I love the game so much that even if I don’t think anything about it now, I will probably have it in my head after listening to it many times.

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