Lucid Dreaming – How To Have Lucid Dreams

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A lucid dream is a dream that you wake up to in your sleep, usually with a feeling of fear and panic. It might also leave you dazed and confused, depending on the quality of your lucid dream. However, you are not dreaming; you are lucid dreaming. Waking up from a lucid dream is not necessarily a bad thing. Lucid dreaming can be a beneficial and even enjoyable part of your life.

Some people claim that lucid dreams can help them go on to achieve their goals. Others say that they are just signs that you are at your highest state of consciousness. But what do lucid dreams really mean? Are they real or a figment of your imagination?

What Do Lucid Dreams Really Mean?

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The truth is, no one can give you an exact account of how a lucid dream occurred. Except you. Your experience is unique, to you. You may have a dream that someone else may have before. Or you may have a dream that is truly unique to your own experience. Just be sure to take notes!

There are some common characteristics of lucid dreams. First of all, they often involve extreme jumps, flashes, and “moves” in your head. Second of all, you are not really awake in your dreams. Instead, you are very deeply relaxed, and your awareness is very focused on your breath and body. In short, you are sleeping, but you are not really asleep… or, so to speak, you are dreaming.

Way To Discover Whether Your Lucid Dreams Are Real

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A great way to discover whether your lucid dreams are real is to write down everything you can remember about the dream while it is occurring. Was it dark? Were you fighting someone or another animal? Did something scary happen to you?

Some people claim that lucid dreams are so real that they can tell if you are awake or not just by looking at them. Others believe that they happen so quickly and easily that they don’t remember them at all. These two groups typically share a common belief: that many dreams are nothing more than a figment of your imagination. However, for millions of people who have had lucid dreams and gone back to reality, there is no doubt that they do actually exist!

Now that you know what a lucid dream is, you might be interested to find out where you can learn to have your own. There are many websites online that offer lucid dream classes. Many people find this route to be easier and less expensive than taking special lucid dreaming courses at night schools or with the help of an instructor. You can also purchase a free guide that will walk you through the process of lucid dreaming on your own. This is definitely a more affordable option.

Your Own Ways To Have Lucid Dreams

If you’re a little more adventurous, you might want to try to find your own ways to have lucid dreams. The truth is that you can often experience lucid dreams without even trying. For example, when you’re walking in the woods and you start to get stressed out, you can simply stop and stare at something far away. Sometimes all you have to do to enter a lucid dream is to pay attention to things around you.


Another thing that you can try in order to determine whether you have lucid dreams is to visualize something that will help you achieve whatever your goal is. For example, if you want to grow taller, you can visualize yourself as being tall. If you want to win the fight of your life, visualize yourself as winning that fight. Doing these visualizations before bedtime can really give you the inspiration you need to reach your goals.

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