Lucid Dreaming Techniques From A Lucid Dreams Rapper

lucid dreams rapper

Have you ever wanted to be a lucid dreamer? If so, you are certainly not alone. The vast majority of people who have never experienced the joys and visions that lucid dreams can bring have no idea how to get started. However, once you do learn to lucid dream you will quickly discover that it is an extremely fun and beneficial hobby and recreational activity. In fact, for many it is their new addiction!

Why Should You Want To Become A Lucid Dreams Rapper?

Lucid Dreaming

 If you want to enjoy anything that has an extra degree of intensity then you need to practice. For many people, trying to master lucid dreams can be a very difficult task. However, once you have mastered the art you will find that lucid dreaming is a very enjoyable and even addictive hobby. Not only that, but you will discover that you can use lucid dreams to also bring about changes in your physical appearance and even in your career!

Before you go ahead and attempt to learn how to lucid dream you must first establish a few ground rules. For instance, it would be wise for you to limit yourself to learning this skill during the early stages of your life. If you try to master lucid dreams when you are in your twenties then you are extremely unlikely to remember anything. Therefore, you should wait until you are at least four years old before trying to lucid dream.

In addition to these ground rules it would also be wise for you to establish what kind of lifestyle you plan on maintaining when it comes to lucid dreaming. People who live a very hectic lifestyle or people who are constantly interrupted throughout their sleep cycles by things like children or pets often find themselves unable to achieve lucid dreams. Therefore, you should establish how much uninterrupted time you can devote to lucid dreaming. You should also try to avoid stimulants like the use of tobacco and caffeine, which often disrupt the quality of your sleep.

Brainwave Entertainment Multimedia Suite

Lucid Dreaming

A good quality supplement that is aimed at helping people to lucid dream is Brainwave Entertainment Multimedia Suite. This particular product contains over twenty videos, sounds, images, and relaxing computer games that help you relax and reach a state of deep sleep. Once you have reached this state, you will be able to start learning how to lucid dream. Most of the products that focus on helping a dreamer to lucid dream also contain recordings of binaural beats, which are believed to aid in inducing a trance like state.

Before you can start learning how to dream, it will be essential for you to get an adequate amount of rest. Sleep is always important because it helps to recharge the brain. When a dreamer is deprived of sleep, they are much more likely to have difficult lucid dreams. In addition, a dreamer deprived of sleep tends to wake up thinking that they have not slept at all. Therefore, it is important to get as much sleep as possible.

What Rapper Program Teaches?

The next thing that the rapper program teaches is how to use binaural beats to induce lucid dreaming. Binaural beats are sounds that are closely related to frequency patterns of our brains. In fact, binaural beats were discovered by accident. A psychologist had recorded the sound of two children singing a nursery rhyme and was studying the brain activity of the babies that were crying when he played the recording back to them. Later on, he realized that the babies that were crying when he played the recording became much more likely to talk and understand things when he asked them to do so.

Final Thoughts

Another technique that the program teaches is how to identify your most preferred state of being. When you have your lucid dreams, you will know this because you will be in that state all of the time. The best way to recognize your most preferred state of being is by focusing on one object while awake. For example, if you were to look at a photograph you might focus on the object that is in the center of the picture. If you did this while awake you would be looking at a photograph of the center of the photo. This technique helps you pinpoint the exact location of the lucid dream that you are having and helps you get in the correct state to have lucid dreams easily.

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