Lucid Dreams – An Innovative Way Of Exploring One’s Ownself

Lucid dreams are the type of dreams in which the dreamer remains aware that he or

She is dreaming. The dreamer may gain partial control over the characters or the

narrative of the dream during a lucid dream. Prominent figures from different times have gained inspiration from such lucid dreams. The concept of lucid dreams is linked with metacognition as this form of sleep has an association with awareness and also reflects this awareness. Metacognition refers to being aware of one’s thoughts and understanding his or her thought processes.

Benefits Of Lucid Dreams

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Lucid dreams have their benefits in waking life:-

It reduces anxiety. During lucid dreams, you can often get to control the characters, scenario, and narrative of the dream. This sense of control may stay with you, which can make you feel stronger and more confident of yourself than before and help you to control the scenario in case of a nightmare. Lucid dreams enhance motor skills. A few pieces of research suggest that you can tap your fingers quickly and improve such simple things by practicing to do them during lucid dreams. Such practices activate the brain even if you do them while dreaming. Lucid dreams can improve the skill of problem-solving. Researchers say that these dreams help people to solve several problems, especially those that deal with creativity. Lucid dreams help in getting creative ideas. People, who take part in lucid dreams, can come up with new and innovative ideas. These ideas may be the outcome of the scenario of the lucid dream.

Risks Of Lucid Dreams

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Lucid dreams can sometimes be dangerous. Several problems may arise due to lucid dreams. Some of these problems include:-

Lessens the quality of sleep

Lucid dreams can often wake you up from your sleep, and you may face problems

going back to sleep again. Also, you may have disturbed sleep, if you focus too much on lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams can create confusion and delirium and the dreamer may suffer from hallucinations. For those people who suffer from mental issues, lucid dreams may make the line between reality and imagination blur.

More About Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams occur due to Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Some people get lucid dreams naturally, but some people train themselves to get lucid dreams. Different

People react differently to lucid dreams. Some may wake up immediately after seeing a lucid dream, and for others, the lucid dream may leave an impact. Some people say that lucid dreams are a form of entertainment while some people call them creative.


Lucid dreams have their applications in various fields. Lucid dreaming is an innovative and attractive prospect. It gives people a scope to explore their inner world, remain completely aware while dreaming, and enjoy the flavors of the dream. There is a very song named after “Lucid Dreams” whose release date was on May 4, 2018.

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