Lucid Dreams Every Night

vivid dreams every night

You probably have heard that there are natural ways to increase your chances of having vivid dreams each night. However, if you do believe in astrology and try to predict your future, you may find this information a bit disturbing. But there is a method of dream interpretation that is entirely scientific and is based on scientific principles of reality. It involves your dreams, which is much more important than most people think. I’m not talking about the “God” thing that people have in their minds, but the fact that your dreams affect your life and that they have a significant impact on how you experience life and how you perceive things.

Three Parts To A Dream

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There are three parts to a dream. The first is the waking dream – this is the dream you experience when you’re awake, the plan experienced before you go to sleep. The second part of a dream is called the REM dream; this is the dream you share when you sleep, and the amount of the dream that is not usually remembered by people. The third part of the dream is the dream-image, which is the image that is perceived when you are dreaming, and it may be as clear as a memory, or it may be very vague.

Several Types Of Lucid Dreams

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There are several types of lucid dreams. Dreams that are not lucid are called dreams where you dreamt of a plan – for example, and you were trying to remember a dream you had once had and then dreamed it again a few times. In most cases, this type of lucid dream is concise, and it lasts only seconds, while other kinds of lucid dreams can last for hours. Dreams where you dreamt for days or even weeks before you slept are called dreamscapes. Lucid dreams, however, are not only about dreaming a plan, they are also about having a dream experience. Your brain can be trained to produce many images in your dream and easily create dreamscapes.

Practice Using The Visual Cortex

The key to lucid dreams is to practice using the visual cortex, your optical center of the brain. This part of your mind has to be trained for this purpose because you can be doing some pretty wild things in the visual cortex, like imagining cars driving through your street and going over the side of a building. Still, you don’t see any cars going over the side of that building! To do this, you need to train your mind to visualize things as they are. You have to be able to use what you have learned in school to help you visualize the pictures that you want to create so that your brain will become aware of them and make the images possible.

Verbalizing The Dream

Verbalizing the dream that you want to create is another way of making your goals possible. Make it happen by writing down everything you see or hear in your dreams as if you are describing it to yourself. By training your mind for vivid dreams every night, you can get to the level where you can create the perfect vision for you. The more vivid your objectives are, the better you will be at lucid dreaming.

First Thought

If you have ever woken up in the middle of a dream, you know that it is not easy to go back to sleep. If you have dreamed about a car wreck in a plan and you want to get back to sleep, your first thought is to look for the car, so you have to get up and get rid of it and go back to sleep. But, if you can learn to let go and allow your mind to drift off to sleep and have the dreams you want, you can quickly wake up feeling refreshed and rested and ready to start your day. Once you begin to wake up feeling refreshed, you will find that your dreams are more pleasant and lucid.

Summing Up

It is incredible how easily you can become an expert at lucid dreaming after you have developed this skill. Once you have created this skill, you can have dreams about anything you want and experience them and remember them clearly and for years to come. This is because your brain is capable of creating vivid dreams for you.

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