The Meaning Of Your Dreams About Spiders

There is one very common nightmare that has been haunting humans for ages. It is the one about the eight-legged, jawless, hairy monsters that come out of the dark corners to attack you. Indeed, dreams about spiders are very common and so are spiders in real life. But do these dreams mean anything?

The Meaning Of Your Dreams About Spiders
Dream of spider

Dreams About Spiders Vs Science

According to Dr. Rubin Naiman, a psychologist at the University of Arizona, dreams are like our second instinct that browses through all the experiences we have gathered in the day. As such, by interpreting dreams, we could interpret our daily experiences. This means that spider dreams do have a certain significance. We found there could be a myriad interpretation of such dreams. However, some of them are more predominant and comes up more often. Let us discuss those interpretations.

The Meaning Of Your Dreams About Spiders
Different webs in a dream

About Female Spiders

The Meaning Of Your Dreams About Spiders
Female spider weaving a web

Did you know that only the female spider weaves the web and that after mating, kills and eats the male spider? Spiders are often identified with strong women. Dreams about female spiders are often interpreted to be influenced by a strong woman figure in your life. It could be your mother, your girlfriend, or your wife. It could even be you, that as a powerful woman, is symbolized as a spider in your dream.

However, spiders are not always thought as a dark omen. Indeed, the web they weaved is a real piece of art. That’s why dreams about spiders are also interpreted as creativity and positivity, as if by the web, you are holding up different aspects of life.

Dream About Spiders Vs Life

Dreams about Spiders are also interpreted as manipulation in your life. Such interpretation is due to the weaving of the web by the spider to catch its prey. Indeed, The trapping symbolizes manipulation.

Cynthia Richmond, the author of the book “Dream Power”, in an interview to Huffington Post in July 2011, seconded this interpretation. Such a dream could mean that you are being manipulated, or that you are yourself manipulating someone.

Scientists and psychologists are trying to decode dreams about spiders for a long time, and they concluded that they can be both positive or negative.

Dreams are interpretations of your daily lives by your subconscious mind. So next time you dream about spiders, don’t be afraid and refer to our blog to find what it means.

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