Myths and Facts About Dream Interpretation

Dreams are often considered as the strangest experiences in our lives. Indeed, they are not part of reality and they sometimes lack any logic or reasoning. Most people look for an interpretation of their dream after waking up to understand if what they saw has any bearing in their real life as well. For a very long time, humans have been searching meaning and relevance out of their dreams.

Myths and Facts About Dream Interpretation
Lady trying to interpret a dream

They have even attributed religious and spiritual context to their dreams. In past civilizations, people would meet either priests or other religious authorities to understand and decipher the meaning of their dreams.

Myths and Facts About Dream Interpretation
Being chased in your dream

While there are various interpretations for various different dreams, we listed for you some examples of dreams and their widely popular interpretations.

Examples of dreams

Dreams about falling from high altitude

This is a scenario that means that something in your life is not going well and that you need to reconsider some choices.

Dreams about being naked in a public place

These dreams are explained by low confidence and self-esteem.

Dreams about losing teeth

One way to interpret this dream is that you feel about your personality and looks.

Dreams about dying

Dreaming about death indicates a fear of change. Indeed, it is scary to accept changes in life.

Dreams about flying

Such a dream symbolizes a desire to break free. It means that you want to escape the status quo.

Dreams about taking a test

Dreaming about taking a test, failing a test or being late to a test is actually a good sign. The dream signifies that you are doing well in your life and don’t need to be afraid of anything.

Dreaming of a stranger chasing you

This implies that you are fleeing from something that you should confront.

About Dreams

Myths and Facts About Dream Interpretation
Woman chasing a man in a dream

It is important to know that dreams are manifestations of real life, often occurring in bizarre and random ways. If you dream about such things, you should deeply introspect your life and see what is bothering you at the back of your mind.

Dreams occur when you are sleeping and not alert. This is the moment when your deepest and most basic desires take control of your mind.

The same is true concerning your biggest fears. The key to dream interpretation is to actually interpret and analyze your real life.

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