Nightmares And Dreams Involving Water

dreams involving water

The unconscious mind is responsible for recording all dreams, but it has no language and cannot translate these symbols. It is up to us to try to make the dream symbols understandable. If you know anything about dreams, you know that they are not random events.

Dreams Take Place In The Dreamer’s Subconscious

A flock of seagulls in a pool of water

Most dreams involving water take place in the dreamer’s subconscious. You cannot easily learn to decipher these symbolic dreams. If you try to translate a dream just by reading it, you will not get very far. Only experts in the field can understand the hidden messages in dreams involving water. If you want to learn more about dreams involving water, keep reading.

Dreams involving water are not always literal dreams. Many a time, water in the dream makes a point to remind the dreamer of something he had lost or that he is missing out on. If you know the cause of the dream, you can easily translate what it means for you.

Some dreams involving water are dreams about falling in love. These are usually not very serious affairs. A happy future is on the line, but the water always saves the dreamer from facing any sort of serious loss. When you translate the symbolic meaning of such dreams, you find that it usually deals with love and life. If you are trying to find out what the dream symbolizes, consult your dreams journal.

Dreaming About The Ocean

A bird flying over the water

Other kinds of dreams involving water are dreaming about the ocean. You might be dreaming about exploring some mysterious place or about being lost at sea. If your dream involves falling from a great height, this could be another kind of dream. A dream about water falling upon the land can also mean that you are being swallowed whole. The symbolism of water in such dreams can often be related to death, since drowning is often associated with the loss of life.

In many dreams, people are afraid to go on beaches because they might fall into the water. If this is your dream, you should know that the water is not really harming you. The problem is that you are scared of falling into the water, which in this case would translate as being swallowed whole. This is why it is important to accept the fact that you are actually safe under the water.

Symbolic Translations For This Kind Of Dream

Another kind of dream which involves water is a dream about being in the ocean. There are several symbolic translations for this kind of dream, ranging from a fear of drowning to a longing for the ocean itself. In most cases, if the dream involves water which has come to a halt, it could mean that your physical body is breaking down and drying up. This can be a bad omen if you are going to commit suicide or try to hurt yourself in any way.

Final Word

Another type of water in a dream might simply be the ocean. In these dreams, you are attempting to swim toward a certain destination, whether it’s towards land or toward the ocean because you need to reach a specific location. You are probably trying to find answers or get out of a predicament. It could also just mean that you are trying to swim to your destination because you love the water. Whatever the case, the water is almost always involved in these dreams involving water, whether it’s from a bath or from some kind of water fountain or from some lake or river.

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