Nightmares And Dreams Of Sharks In Water – Are They Helpful Or Dangerous

dreams of sharks in water

Did you know that your dreams about sharks in the water may be foreboding events? These dreams are very common and yet many people do not recognise them as such. Our dreams are the product of the collective unconscious, and all dreams and images have a universal meaning. As such dreams about sharks in the water can foretell many things about our behaviour in the future. If you have ever had a dream about being swallowed by a shark then this is a very common dream. The unconscious mind works on the subconscious level and whatever you feed it will be played back to you in dreams.

What Do Dreams Of Sharks In Water Mean?

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In many cases these dreams have been linked to violent death or disaster. If you had a dream about being swallowed by a great white shark then this may have been a premonitory dream telling you to beware of what is in store for you if you do not wake up soon. If you do wake up to find yourself in a lake full of small children screaming and holding each other’s hands then you could consider this a positive dream as you will be saving many lives.

However, there are also many negative dreams about water. These dreams often come after we have been careless in the way we handle ourselves or have behaved in some way that suggests we are untrustworthy. Many times these dreams are also linked to the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the dream was trying to tell you that you will meet a tragic end like the death of a loved one.

Dreams About Sharks In The Water Can Be Linked To These Things

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Dreams about sharks in the water can also be linked to bad dreams. Many people suffer from terrible nightmares and these often occur when they are sleeping. Many times these dreams may seem far more real than they really are. It may be a nightmare of some sort that is trying to inform you that you should wake up and protect yourself.

Dreams about water are often also linked to bad dreams. These are usually accompanied by a feeling of dread or danger. These are often waking dreams that are our first warning that we are being visited by something harmful. Many times our subconscious warns us that there is something or someone dangerous around us. However, there are many things that may just look like dreams but which could be the real deal.

In some cases dreams about water can also be a way of trying to communicate a message to us. Many times while dreaming we are sending out a message to someone else. This can be anything from a wish for something to come to pass or telling a secret. We might wish to die and then have a dream about drowning. These dreams often mean that we have let our guard down and someone is threatening us.

Nightmares And Dreams About Sharks In The Water

Nightmares and dreams about sharks in the water can also help us to remember certain things. If we find that a dream seems too perfect to be true then it probably is. Many dreams after a traumatic experience can leave us unsure of our decisions. If we can then find out whether or not that nightmare really did happen, this can help us to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes dreams about sharks in the water can also be a sign that we are dreaming about something else entirely. Dreams can often take on a life of their own and can appear in our dreams, even though we are not awake. For example, if you are working on a great novel but keep putting it aside it may actually occur in your dreams. Whatever the case, if we notice these dreams regularly they should be looked into as there could be some importance.

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